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Can you update all the NHL jerseys and fonts including Nashville's new ones (the yellow ones) and Winnipeg's whenever they come out... Thanks!!!

Is Nashville's new template going to be up anytime soon?

I've got all the new ones for the NHL ready to go but I'm waiting for Winnipeg's to be released and then I will send them to be posted on here. I've also have some of the new Canadian Hockey League jerseys as well.

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I've recently gotten back into the swing of creating hockey jerseys in Paint, and I've either forgotten how to do this or never knew in the first place - what do you need to do to an image of a team logo to remove the off-color outline of it?

Say, for example, I want to paste a San Jose Sharks logo onto this template. If in Paint I paste the logo onto the jersey and fill the color surrounding it, I'm left with something that looks like this..


Note the varying degrees of white, silver and grey outlining the logo. How do I get rid of these? Obviously, it's possible to manually zoom in and dab each weird color out with the pencil tool, but this is time-consuming and very awkward - doing it on a round logo like that of the Boston Bruins leads to lopsided shapes. Is there a way of saving an image of a logo, either in Microsoft Paint or Paint.net so that I can simply open them up in either program at a later date and copy them to finished jerseys without these outlines? What do I need to do to avoid this?

This is the only thing holding me back from creating any designs worth saving, so I would appreciate any help anyone can give me on the matter. My apologies if this is not the thread for a question like this, but I was unable to find a better-suited thread and can't create topics myself yet.



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Andrew, download a vector version. open with inkscape, photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw or any software and export as png. mark an option called... forgot. in portuguese, we call "Suavização de Serrilhado".

Anyway,a soccer player template that i've rasterized.

Player Template

Now, I'll rasterize the "Soccer Pro Combat". It's Nike, It's Famous, It's DreamFans!!!

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