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Alright everybody, I just added a paint version of andrewharrington's ProCombat template. Hope y'all like it!

If it's not too much trouble, could I possibly get that template with a front view of the pants as well as the side view that is currently on there?

Much thanks if you can do that, but if not I totally understand.

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Rugby template for Paint?

I'm just finishing up some, they'll be up by 10pm Thursday. :) I posted a England Rugby concept if you haven't seen it yet, it gives you an idea to what they look like.


Its taking a little longer than expected but I'm doing so many here is a list of of Kit manufacturers







Under Armour

If you have a special request, please IM me, and do it as quick as you can.

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Added Hockey gear thanks to Bmac.

Also added more historic NHL unis, and international unis.

As for the alternate view for the Pro Combat template, I may try to add another view in the future, but I'll have to really feel like doing it haha.

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Anyone have Old School Helmet Templates:

Riddell Single Bar Mask

Riddell Double Bar Mask

Riddell Maskless with the leather ear/jaw pads

Leather Helmets


Will these do?

Please don't post images here. Put links to organize the thread or send a message to LEWJ.

Yes. Thanks for the contribution, but I'm trying to keep from having images posted. It just makes the navigation much easier.

Please edit your post and post as links. Thanks!

Also- JohnnyRfl, if you could edit your reply to his post--just edit out the pics so that they're not included in the reply.


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Soccer Template update. Over 20 new jersey's, and 20 new patches and now including Nike Rugby Templates!!!!!!

Soccer Updates

When I download the zipfile it's says it's empty

I fixed it

Your .zip file is a shortcut to an actual file that only you can access, so it doesn't work.

The only way to fix this is to zip a copy of the file, instead of a shortcut.

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