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NFL Weekly Uniform Notes


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Is the color mis-match here between the pants and jersey due to materials? It bugs me.

Yea, you could tell on TV. The pants almost have a metallic finish which makes them appear really shiny, yet the jersey is flat and matted.

The chest and back of the Jets jerseys are mesh, which gives the green a flat color appearance. The pants, jersey shoulders, and side panels all have a sateen finish. Making them shiny, and appear lighter/brighter. I was watching a replay of the game on NFL Network, and they showed plays filmed by NFL Films camera crews, and the greens all appeared to match. I would guess this has something to do with the different camera/lens setups they use, as opposed to the cameras used for TV coverage.

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I think the Eagles mono green is the best (or second best behind the Seahawks) matching mono from head to toe, since the jersey is kind of shiny and pretty much matches the helmet and pants.

I agree. I think the Seahawks are one of the few teams that pull it off well.


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Randomly shaped?

i dont think the shapes are random at all. they fit the pads and all jersey cuts very well and make the shoulders look strong, square. even resembles the detail in the logo. beautiful design :)

I agree that there's nothing really "random" about the Falcons uniforms. If anything, the piping and paneling was pretty well thought out - especially the transition into the socks (it's nice how there are white pants designed to blend into both black socks and red socks, and they actually have a white sock for the black pants (though it seems that they may have dropped it for some reason.)) You could argue that there's too many pants combos, but not that it's "random". It's no more random than striping. That being said, I'm pretty tired of these uniforms, and if that happens in this relatively short period of time, then it's probably not a great design. I don't have a problem with the template or anything, but that logo is tired already and the number font and shadow effect need to go.

My guess is "randomly shaped" wasn't meant to be literal fellas. Nice speech though Vet. You really thought it through.

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