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Wouldn't it be cool?


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if teams were required to leave their names behind when they move.  Just think of the teams that would exist when they move back into a market.  The best example, the Cleveland Browns.  We could also have the Houston Oilers back.  How about your Dallas Texans?  New Orleans Jazz?  New York (baseball) Giants?  Colorado (hockey) Rockies?  What would be some of the teams you would like to see again?

Some of my favorites would be:

Minnesota Lakers

Minnesota North Stars

Seattle Pilots

Kansas City Athletics

How about you :)

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Athletics belongs to Philadelphia, not KC.

I had stated in another thread that I would have like to have seen the Columbus NHL team go with "Ohio Barons" as opposed to Columbus Blue Jackets, but I think most new major league teams want to establish their own identities rather than churn up unpleasant memories of the waning days of a past franchise that pulled up stakes.  The Browns of course are an exception since they were technically a suspended franchise rather than a pure expansion team.

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The KC Athletics would not exist, as they would have never got that name, since they got the name from the Philadelphia Athletics.

Rats, Chris, you beat me to it. I guess that's what I get for taking too long to finish a post.

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