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32 NFL Pro Combat concepts


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The design on the Bears is a HUGE improvement, but the number font is still bugging the crap out of me. You gotta use their current number font.

i might do that but the thing i dont like about it is its so thin. ive always felt it should be bolder. but that font is a big part of their identity so i may have to put my personal opinions aside and just go with it as is.

hockeyweek - i forgot about that uniform. i like it too.

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I love most of the jerseys, however I have two things to point out. The white people are all black in this, and the camo-type pattern on the bengals jersey is a bit odd

LOL, just say Phillip Rivers got a tan

theres no camo on the Bengals jersey, just the orange parts. stripes are a tigers camouflage, so digital camo made sense to me :)

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Dawg...ay dawg...

Say mayn--I just went through your portfolio, and man you got some kick-ass stuff in there, guy! It also is apparent to me we seem to have several similar ideas (which i guess is to be expected since we also have the same first name). I'm actually glad I went through there and looked...because now this means Imma have to change up several of my ideas. I think my favorite might be that Falcons concept. I had a similar idea, to play off th whole "laser bird" thing...but now I gotta find a different way to go about doing it, because I don't wanna infringe on yours. Seriously...that's some hot sheez.

Tell you one other thing...I think I got a pretty neat idea for your Colts coming in my concep thread. Look for it somewhere down the line.

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