Buc's Pro-Combatized NFL

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@ BrandN...interesting idea. I originally envisioned a number set something like that for the Raiders...and eventually I may go ahead and draft some. We'll see. @ illwauk...glad to see some of my stuff hmight have helped inspire you, homeboy. I'll keep an eye out for it. @ bohob...I can see what you were saying about the eye patch the new Bruce. I was kinda seeing it myself, but figured I'd put it out there and see what others might have seen in it. I may have to play with that some more.

To everyone else, again, thanks and I appreciate all feedback. I'm still a little weirded that I was actually able to finish the whole thing. Who knows...maybe more will be to follow. I'll say this though: getting through all that did help me to develop in several other areas I might not have otherwise. Can't say where I'm going next with this stuff...who knows? Eventually all these will make their way to my online portfolio once it gets set up and semi-finished. 'Til then, I'll leave them up here.

Thanks again, everyone.

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