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Post Your Jersey Collections


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My collection:


Holy Grail- Mike Piazza Authentic Road Marlins Jersey

Marlins Home 93-02 Pinstripe

Marlins Authentic Team Batting Practice (1997-1998)

Marlins Authentic Black Jersey (Current, no patch)

David Wright Mets Pinstripe Authentic Jersey

Mets Mike Piazza Blue Batting Practice Jersey 1998


Ronnie Brown Orange Dolphins Jersey Premier

Ricky Williams Aqua Dolphins Jersey Premier

Dan Marino Navy Fashion Jersey Nike


Flyers Vanbiesbrouck Black Jersey Authentic Nike

Panthers Vanbiesbrouck Jersey White Replica

Panthers Authentic Pro Player Jersey Blank

Panthers Fashion Yellow Jersey by Starter (Fan Favorite)

Authentic Practice Jersey Penguins Marc Andre Fleury


Shaq Replica Jersey Heat White


Hurricanes Ryan Clement 16 Jersey Nike Authentic Orange

come on! you HAVE to post a picture of the piazza marlins' jersey i'm very, VERY jealous!


Hope you like it. Not the best picture though, it was with my camera phone.

oh man, that is SO sweet. i have piazza authentics in the '99 snow white home, the '99 road black and his all star game BP jerseys from '98-'04 save '02 (just because i got distracted because it was my senior year of HS and by the time i doubled back to get it, i could only get my second choice: bonds). again, i'm very jealous. if you ever need some spare change and want to do a trade/deal, you know who to come to ;)

I don't think I could ever part with it, aside from him being my favorite player on my favorite team---I collect his Piazza Marlins cards. Right now I'm at about 40, and looking to add more to it.

If you'd like details on how to get one, I can give you help in that regard through PM.

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Hmmm, I've never listed all my jerseys out, this will be interesting to see typed out.


Giants- Dave Brown blue replica (90's)

Giants- Jason Sehorn red alternate (early-mid 00's)

Giants- Jeremy Shockey blue replica (early-mid 00's)

Giants- Jeremy Shockey white authentic (mid-late 00's)

Giants- Michael Strahan blue replica (90's)

Giants- Michael Strahan blue authentic (early-mid 00's)

Giants- Amani Toomer white Super Bowl replica (mid-late 00's)

Giants- Plaxico Burress red replica (mid-late 00's)

Giants- Kenny Phillips white authentic (Current)

Giants- Eli Manning red replica (mid-late 00's)

Giants- Lawrence Taylor white replica (custom early 00's)

Giants- Lawrence Taylor blue replithentic (80's)

Bucs- Warren Sapp red replica (current)

Bucs- Keyshawn Johnson red replica (current)

Bucs- John Lynch red replica (current)

Bucs- Michael Clayton white replica (current)

Bucs- Kellen Winslow red replica (current)

Bucs- Carnell Williams black replica (current)

Steelers- Hines Ward black replica (current)

Eagles- Charles Jones green replica (current)

Falcons- Jamaal Anderson red replica (late 90's)


Hurricanes- Ken Dorsey/#11 orange replica (early 00's)

Hurricanes- Kyle Wright/#3 white replica (mid 00's)

Hurricanes- Jacory Harris/#12 orange/SOD replithentic (2010)

XFL (yup, lol)

Orlando Rage- blank red replica

Birmingham Thunderbolts- blank purple replica


Islanders- blank green Fishsticks replica (95-97)

Islanders- blank green replica (96-98)

Islanders- blank white replica (96-98)

Islanders- blank orange replica (02-07)

Islanders- Rick DiPietro blue replica (current)

Devils- Martin Brodeur red replica (92-07)

Devils- Martin Brodeur red replica (current)

Devils- blank white replica (92-07)

Devils- blank red replica (82-92)

Lightning- blank black replica (01-07)

Lightning- blank third replica (96-99)

Lightning- blank black replica (current)

Flames- blank black/third replica (98-06)

Flames- blank red replica (03-07)

Rangers- blank blue Liberty third replica (96-07)

Rangers- blank white Liberty third replica (98-99)

Penguins- blank black throwback replica (81-92)

Penguins- blank black/third replica (95-00)

Stars- blank black/bull third replica (03-06)

Seals- blank blue wool replica (67-69)

Coyotes- blank third replica (98-03)

Bruins- blank yellow/bear head third replica (95-06)

Sabres- blank red third replica (00-06)

Thrashers- blank blue authentic (99-06)

Panthers- blank red replica (93-03)


Yankees- Jason Giambi grey replica (current)

Yankees- Andy Pettitte white replica (current)

Yankees- Derek Jeter blue Nike fashion

Mets- blank black replica (current)

Mets- Kaz Matsui black Nike Fashion

Mets- blank orange spring training

Devil Rays- blank white inagural season

Devil Rays- blank gray road replica (00's)


Bulls- Michael Jordan red replica (90's-00's)

Wizards- Michael Jordan green replica (current)

Celtics- Antoine Walker green replica (current)

Magic- Tracy McGrady blue replica (early 00's)

There they are, no pics either, but I'm quite happy with my collection. My next few purchases will be as follows:

Lightning BOLTS third jersey

Sharks black third jersey

Winnipeg Jets blue throwback

Giants Jason Pierre Paul blue replica

Giants Antrell Rolle blue authentic

Bucs Selmon throwback

That's subject to change based on deals I find, gifts, etc. Alot of jerseys I got great deals on or were given as gifts. Missing from the collection is a green Hurricanes jersey I think I had, but can't remember, and a white Yankees replica with 99 World Series patch.

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Awesome Thread.

I already have an extensive gallery of my jersey collection on facebook but it won't let me directly link! Damnit.

Anyhow heres what I got, maybe I'll post some pics later...

Minnesota Wild Authentic Home (2000-01)

Minnesota North Stars Authentic Road with Tom Pederson on the back (1991-92) *This was his actual jersey but it was never worn in a game as he was traded to San Jose that year.

San Jose Sharks Authentic Road (2000-01)

Minnesota North Stars Authentic Road (1977-78) with Lou Nanne on the back. Autographed.

Atlanta Thrashers Authentic Alt (2005-06) with Ilya Kovalchuk on the back.

New York Islanders Authentic Home (1996-97) with Bryan McCabe on the back.

Florida Panthers Authentic Road (2000-01)

Nashville Predators Authentic Alt (2002-03)

Phoenix Coyotes Authentic Road(2005-06)

Nashville Predators Authentic Road (1999-00)

Dallas Stars Authentic Alt (2005-06) with Mike Modano on the back.

Phoenix Coyotes Authentic Road (1999-00) only ProPlayer jersey in my collection

Dallas Stars Authentic Home (2006-07)

Buffalo Sabres Authentic Road (2000-01) with Tim Connolly on the back. His actual jersey, not sure if it was worn. Autographed with Certificate of Authenticity.

New York Islanders Authentic Road (1995-96)

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MLB (all authentic):

Mid-1990s Chipper Jones BP

2004 Cubs BP

Atlanta Braves #7 Jeff Franceour


Nike Swingman:

Light Blue Carmello Anthony

Dark Blue Steve Nash Mavs

Dark Blue Tracy McGrady Magic


Black John Stockton Jazz


Authentic Atlanta Thrashers



Dark Blue John Elway Broncos


White Shaun Alexander Seahawks with the wrap-around bird on the sleeve

Dark Blue Shaun Alexander Seahawks - modern

Honolulu Blue Joey Harrington Lions

Dark Blue David Carr Texans

Black Mike Vick Falcons old Falcon on sleeve

Black Mike Vick Falcons modern

College Sports:

Game worn Alabama pinstripe sleeveless baseball #10

Authentic Alabama away "Alabama" traditional baseball script no number

Replica red Alabama now "throwback" basketball #32

Replica red Alabama basketball with collarbone stripes #22

Replica red Alabama football #11 - "Freddie Millions"

Swingman light blue modern-throwback North Carolina Vince Carter #15

Replica black Appalachian State basketball #11 - "DJ Thompson"

Replica white Appalachian State football #14 - "Armanti Edwards"

Game worm Appalachian State throwback #12 - T.J. Courman


Replica France 2006 World Cup

Replica D.C. United - I forget the year, but it's right before VW sponsored the shirt

Authentic Chelsea 2006 Goalie Shirt

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Hey Legend---

You don't own this

Yankees- Jason Giambi grey replica (current)

You own this!

Yankees- Mark Texiera grey replica (current)

(Assuming it does not have a name on the back)

Unfortunately it does have the name on the back lol.

I've never tried to take names/numbers off of a jersey, wonder if it could and then it would be a Texiera one.

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Hey Legend---

You don't own this

Yankees- Jason Giambi grey replica (current)

You own this!

Yankees- Mark Texiera grey replica (current)

(Assuming it does not have a name on the back)

Unfortunately it does have the name on the back lol.

I've never tried to take names/numbers off of a jersey, wonder if it could and then it would be a Texiera one.

Try a seam ripper http://cgi.ebay.com/Seam-Ripper-Long-Handle-Collins-Item-W-74-/160497979860?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item255e6cd1d4 , I've used it on so many jerseys, numbers come off easily unless there is a glue adhesive behind them

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Hey Legend---

You don't own this

Yankees- Jason Giambi grey replica (current)

You own this!

Yankees- Mark Texiera grey replica (current)

(Assuming it does not have a name on the back)

Unfortunately it does have the name on the back lol.

I've never tried to take names/numbers off of a jersey, wonder if it could and then it would be a Texiera one.

Try a seam ripper http://cgi.ebay.com/Seam-Ripper-Long-Handle-Collins-Item-W-74-/160497979860?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item255e6cd1d4 , I've used it on so many jerseys, numbers come off easily unless there is a glue adhesive behind them

Seconded. I use a seam ripper all the time.

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Thought I'd share some pics of my latest jersey acquisition. This is a 1993/94 Dallas Stars Authentic Home. When the Minnesota North Stars moved to Dallas that year they kept the Uniforms the same. The only difference being the addition of new shoulder patches. Sadly this great jersey only saw action for one season. Next year the Stars would replace the Kelly Green with a shade of Forest Green so dark it made the uniforms almost look greyscale. This also happens to be my favourite jersey ever.

I have photos like these of all my jerseys if anybody wants to see them.


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(All jerseys are replicas unless noted otherwise)


Mighty Ducks Authentic Eggplant 1993-95

Mighty Ducks Eggplant 1995-2006

Mighty Ducks Wildwing Alternate 1995-96

Mighty Ducks White Alternate 1997-2001

Mighty Ducks Black Alternate 2003-2006

Anaheim Ducks CCM Black 2006-07 (#8 Selanne with 2007 Finals patch)

Anaheim Ducks RBK Edge Black 2007-Present (#15 Getzlaf)

Anaheim Ducks Black Alternate 2010-Present

USA White 1980

USA Blue 2010 Olympics (#54 Ryan)

Canada White Nike Swift 2008

NHL Western All-Star Green 2004


Anaheim Angels White 2002-Present (#16 Anderson)

Anaheim Angels Authentic Red 2007-Present


Indianapolis Colts White 2004-Present (#18 Manning)

Indianapolis Colts Blue 2004-Present (#18 Manning

San Diego Chargers Powder Blue Alternate 2006 (#21 Tomlinson)

USC Trojans Red 2002-Present (#5 Bush)


Los Angeles Lakers Gold 1999-Present (#11 Malone)

Los Angeles Lakers Purple 1999-Present (#2 Fisher)

USA Authentic White 2008 Olympics (#10 Bryant)


Manchester United Authentic Red 2007-09

AS Roma Black Alternate 2009

USA Authentic Blue 2010 World Cup

I also have my football and lacrosse jerseys from high school. You earn them if you play all four years of high school.

This collection will most definitely grow once I'm out of college with a real life and expendable income. Right now most of my jerseys I have are also jerseys I would plan to wear at some time. That's also why most are just my favorite teams, and like in the Ducks case, it's what's built up through my childhood. I don't have a place to store or display them, so that cuts down on my places to keep them. There are tons of jerseys I'd like to buy, but I wouldn't ever wear them I just want to have them. So I don't have idle space for the jerseys.

Also if we want to count official hats as part of the jersey, or just count all hats as part of the question, then I'll be back in a looooonnnnggggg while :P , my love for hats is as large as my passion for jerseys. And hats are all the more wearable with more things than jerseys. Especialy in the case of hockey jerseys in SoCal/Arizona.

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^I'd love to see all of your jerseys, especially if they're a bunch of 90s ones. I love all four of the ones in your signature.

Here are few more pics from my collection. Including the Islanders one from my sig. I'll post more later.

New York Islanders Authentic Road (1995-96)


Nashville Predators Authentic Alt (2002-03)



*Big thanks to Logoman from these boards who provided me with the Wordmark below the collar. It shipped with letters missing and he custom made it for me.

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Ok here comes the inventory.

I'll start with the Western Conference. This is all off the top of my head. I'll add others if the pop into my head. I'll add the East and All Star jerseys later. I'll also add my MLB and NFL at a later date.

Central Division

Chicago – Red – Hull

Columbus – Original Blue

Detroit – White – Yzerman

Detroit – Red

Nashville – White – Original

Nashville – Blue - Original

St.Louis – Blue – Late ‘80s Design

St.Louis – White – Late ‘90s Design

St.Louis – Blue – Turgeon

Northwest Division

Calgary – White – ‘80s Design

Calgary – Red – Mid 2000s

Calgary – Red – Edge

Colorado – White –Edge

Colorado – Maroon – Edge

Colorado – White – Roy – NHL 2000 Patch

Colorado – White – Roy

Colorado – White – Forsberg – 2001 SCF Patch

Colorado – White – Bourque – 2001 SCF Patch

Colorado – Maroon – Forsberg – 1996 SCF Patch

Colorado – Maroon – Tanguay - #18

Colorado – 3rd – Tanguay – 10yr patch

Colorado/Quebec – Blue

Colorado/Quebec – Blue (Yes I have 2)

Edmonton – White - ‘80s Design

Edmonton – Blue – Gretzky

Edmonton – Blue – ‘80s Design

Edmonton – Blue – Smyth

Edmonton – White – Edge

Edmonton – Blue – Edge Throwback – 30 Yr Patch

Minnesota – White – Pre Edge

Minnesota – Red – Edge

Vancouver – Yellow – ‘80s V Design

Vancouver – Black – ‘90s Design

Vancouver – Red – ‘90s Alt

Vancouver – White Orca – Cloutier

Vancouver – Blue Orca

Vancouver – Orca Alt – Anson Carter

Pacific Division

Anaheim – Purple – Original

Anaheim – White – Giguere – Early 2000s

Anaheim – Black – 2007 SCF Patch

Anaheim – White – 2007 SCF Patch

Dallas – Green – Hatcher – 1999 SCF Patch

Dallas – Green – Modano – 1999 SCF Patch

Dallas – Green – Turgeon

Dallas – Black – MOOTERUS!

Dallas - White - Edge

Dallas/Minnesota - White – 1990’s N

Dallas/Minnesota – Black – Modano

Dallas/Minnesota – Black

Dallas/Minnesota - Green - Early '90s N

Dallas/Kalamazoo – White – Their IHL Team at the time

Los Angeles – Yellow – ‘70s Design

Los Angeles – Yellow – ‘80s Design

Los Angeles – Black – Gretzky

Los Angeles – White – ‘90s Design

Los Angeles – White – Early 2000s Design

Los Angeles – Black – Edge

Los Angeles – Black – Edge (yes I have 2)

Phoenix – White – Original

Phoenix/Winnipeg – Blue – Last Design

San Jose – Aqua – Original

San Jose – Aqua – Late ‘90s Design

San Jose – Aqua - Edge

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The East - I'll add others as they pop into my head.

The all stars & internationals will be up later tonight!

Northeast Division

Boston ? Black ? Bourque ? NHL 75 Patch

Boston ? Black ? ?80s Design

Boston ? White - Late ?90s

Buffalo ? Blue ? Lafontaine

Buffalo ? Black

Buffalo ? Blue ? Pre-Edge Slug

Montreal ? White ? Roy - 1993 SCF Patch

Montreal ? White ? Edge

Montreal ? Red

Montreal ? Red ? Turgeon

Montreal ? Red ? 1970s (A real one from the 1970s!)

Montreal - Red ? Edge ? the one with the CA logo

Montreal ? Multi-Colored ? Edge (The Crazy striped one)

Ottawa ? Black ? Original

Ottawa ? Red ? Alfredson ? Edge

Toronto ? Blue ? 1950s Sweater (1990s remake)

Toronto ? White ? 1967 Sweater (1990s remake)

Toronto ? White ? 1970s (A real one from the 1970!)

Toronto ? White ? ?80s Design

Toronto ? Blue ? 1993 SCF Patch

Toronto ? Blue ? MLG Anniversary Patch

Toronto ? White ? Alt ? Memories and Dreams Patch

Toronto ? Blue ? Sundin ? 1st Edge

Toronto ? Blue ? Kaberle ? 1st Edge

Toronto ? Blue ? Kubina ? 1st Edge

Atlantic Division

New Jersey - Red ? Elias ? 2000 SCF & NHL 2000 patches

New Jersey ? Red ? Niedermayer -2000 SCF & NHL 2000 Patches

New Jersey ? White ?Edge

New York Islanders ? Blue ? ?80s Design

New York Islanders ? Blue - FISHERMAN!

New York Rangers ? Blue ? Messier ? Early ?90s Design

New York Rangers ? White ? 1994 SCF Patch

New York Rangers ? White ? Lundqvist

New York Rangers ? Blue ? NEW YORK STYLE ?80s Design

New York Rangers ? Blue ? NEW YORK STYLE ?70s Design (From the 1970s!)

New York Rangers ? Blue ? Liberty Style

Pittsburgh ? Black ? ?90s - NHL 75 ? Badger ? 1992 SCF Patch

Pittsburgh ? White - Robo-Pidgeon

Pittsburgh ? Black ? Late ?90s Kovalev

Pittsburgh ? White ? Fleury -2009 SCF Patch

Pittsburgh ? Black ? Malkin -2009 SCF Patch

Philadelphia ? White ?Gratton

Philadelphia ? White ? Forsberg

Philadelphia ? Orange ? Forsberg

Philadelphia ? Black ? Lindros

Philadelphia ? Orange ? ?70s Design ? (From the 1970s!)

South East Division

Atlanta ? White ? Original

Carolina ? Red ? Original

Carolina ? Red ? 2006 SCF Patch

Carolina/Hartford ? Green ? ?80s Design (From the 1980s!)

Carolina/Hartford ? Navy ? ?90s Design (From the 1990s!)

Florida Panthers ? White ? Vanbiesbrouck

Florida Panthers ? Red ? Original

Tampa Bay ? Black ? 2004 SCF Patch

Tampa Bay ? Black ? 2004 SCF Patch

Tampa Bay ? White ? Original

Washington ? Blue

Washington ? Blue ? Oates

Washington ? Black ? ?90s 3rd

Washington ? Red ? Carey

Washington - Red ? Ovechkin

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Nice collections everyone! Instead of taking a pic of my jerseys I thought I'd change it up and post a pic of my favorites...and of course list my jerseys. I slimmed down my collection after college and I donated the ones I didn't want anymore or that were too small.


Michael Jordan Nike #45 - I always liked the 45 jersey but never had a chance to buy one. A couple of years ago when Nike was releasing Jordan jerseys from his career I got my second chance to own the 45.

Cole Russell Athletic #95 - SDSU has this "yard sale" where they get rid of old gear and game used jerseys for super cheap and I wanted to buy a Summer Altice (Miss August 2000) volleyball jersey so I waited in line for an hour. Didn't get it but I bought this jersey, a basketball jersey, and the cashier threw in a game used football and practice jersey for about $20.

Drew Bledsoe Starter #11 - The first jersey I ever bought.

Jeremy Roenick CCM #27 - My favorite player, and my favorite jersey pickup from a thrift store

San Diego Padres Majestic - Love the camo. I still haven't got around to turning it into a Trevor Hoffman

Garret Anderson Majestic #16 - My favorite Halo in my favorite road uniform.

Wayne Gretzky Starter #99 - The most random, and cool jersey I found at a Marshalls. Not a bad pickup for $10.

Phoenix Coyotes CCM Blank - Love the skating coyote and I found it at a mom & pop store on clearance for $20. My brother knew the owner so I bought this jersey and a NY Rangers with the tie collar for $30

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Pro Player Blank - When I was an intern at Disney we had a Cast Party/Dinner and they were raffling off various Disney items and the Grand Prize was a team signed Anaheim Angels bat and this jersey. Love the Ducks, and I was more than excited to win this jersey.

Ok now on to my jersey list


Anaheim Angels - Road Authentic Anaheim #16 Garret Anderson

Anaheim Angels - Game Used Home Pinstripe Shigetoshi Hasegawa

Anaheim Angels - Home Pinstripe Replica Blank

LA Angels - Authentic BP Jersey

LA Angels - Home White Fashion Jersey "Angels" in White

New York Yankees - Replica Fashion Cream with blue pinstripes

San Diego Padres - Replica 2003 Home White

San Diego Padres - Authentic 2009 Camo Blank

Toronto Blue Jays - Replica 2004 Road Script "Toronto"


Birmingham Barons - Home #45 Michael Jordan


Chicago Bulls - Nike Swingman #23 Red Michael Jordan Script "Chicago"

Chicago Bulls - Nike Swingman #45 Red Michael Jordan

Los Angeles Clippers - Nike Swingman #7 White Lamar Odom

Los Angeles Clippers - Nike Shooting Shirt

Orlando Magic - Reebok Warm Up Jacket

Phoenix Suns - Reebok Swingman #13 Purple Steve Nash

Sacramento Kings - Nike Swingman #4 Gray early 80s style Chris Webber

Sacramento Kings - Reebok #4 Kansas City Royals Mike Bibby


China - Nike White #13 Yao Ming

Laney High School - Nike Swingman Blue #23 Michael Jordan



Arizona - Nike Replica late 90s Blue #42 AJ Bramlett

Arizona - Nike Swingman late 90s Blue #10 Mike Bibby

Cal - Nike Authentic late 96 Blue #22 Ed Gray

Michigan - Nike Shooting Shirt Maize front with Blue M

North Carolina - Jordan Swingman early 80s style Carolina Blue #23 Michael Jordan

North Carolina - Nike Warm Up Jacket

San Diego State - Nike Replica 2008 White #31 Lorrenzo Wade

San Diego State - Champion Game Used 1998 White #21 Jeff Berokoff

San Diego State - Champion Game Used Practice Jersey 1998 #21

Stanford - Nike Replica 1996 Red #22 Brevin Knight

Syracuse - Nike Shooting Shirt Short Sleeve White with Orange Shoulders/Sleeves

Syracuse - Nike Shooting Shirt Long Sleeve White with Blue Shoulders/Sleeves


Alabama - Nike Replitentic Throwback #12 Ken Stabler

Arizona - Nike Replica #21 Blue

Florida State - Nike Replica #16 Chris Weinke

Ohio State - Champion Authentic #14 Scarlet

San Diego State - Champion Replica 1996 #43 Black George Jones

San Diego State - Champion Replica 1996 Black Blank

San Diego State - Russell Athletic Replica 2000 Black with Red Shoulders #00

San Diego State - Russell Athletic 1998 Game Used White #95 Cole

Texas Tech - Nike Replica Red #88

UCLA - Adidas #26 Blue Deshaun Foster

USC - Nike #55 Cardinal Junior Seau era unis

USC - Nike Replitentic #10 Cardinal Brian Cushing (not a fan of JD Booty)

Virginia Tech - Nike Replitentic #25 Maroon Kevin Jones

West Virginia - Nike Replica #10 Steve Slaton


Atlanta Falcons - Reebok #7 Red Michael Vick

Dallas Cowboys - Champion White #88 Michael Irvin

Dallas Cowboys - Nike White #8 Troy Aikman

Dallas Cowboys - Nike White #59 Dat Nguyen

Dallas Cowboys - Nike Blue #48 Daryl "MOOSE" Johnston

Dallas Cowboys - Nike Blue #84 Joey Galloway

Dallas Cowboys - Champion Blue #8 Troy Aikman

Detroit Lions - Reebok 2008 #34 Blue Kevin Smith

Detroit Lions - Reebok 2008 #34 White Kevin Smith

Detroit Lions - Sandknit #81 Blue

Jacksonville Jaguars - Nike Authentic #8 Teal Mark Brunell

New England Patriots - Starter Replica #11 Blue w/Fly Elvis Shoulders Drew Bledsoe

San Diego Chargers - Reebok Premier #21 Blue LaDanian Tomlinson

San Diego Chargers - Reebok Premier #56 Light Blue Shawne Merriman


Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Nike #9 Old Logo Plum Paul Kariya

Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Pro Player Authentic White Team Autographed

Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Koho Replica Blank Black with Script Anaheim

Chicago Blackhawks - CCM Replica #27 White Jeremy Roenick

Colorado Avalanche - Koho Replica Blank 3rd Jersey Red with "Colorado" diagonal on


New York Rangers - CCM Replica Blank Blue with neck laces

Phoenix Coyotes - CCM Replica Blank White with Skating Coyote

St. Louis Blues - Starter #99 White Wayne Gretzky


Manatoba Moose - Blank Black (I think it's still in a moving box)

Finland - Nike #8 Blue Teemu Selanne



Colorado Rapids - Adidas Blank Maroon

Los Angeles Galaxy - Adidas #23 White David Beckham

Los Angeles Galaxy - Adidas #23 Blue David Beckham


Arsenal Nike Maroon Blank

Germany - Adidas White Blank Most recent World Cup jersey

USA - Nike '94 Blank Blue

USA - Nike '94 Blank Light Blue

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I'm stunned to how many jerseys some of you have, for some of you if you wore a different jersey each day for 2 months, you still wouldn't get to wear them all. Woah.

Anywho, here's mine:


Replica Gray Derrek Lee Chicago Cubs. Come back, Derrek!!!!!! :)

Fake-font-on-back Chicago Cubs #10 personalized home jersey. This one is old.

Not really a jersey, but Marlon Byrd blue player t-shirt.

Navy BP Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs jersey. I got this from an old basketball coach of mine. It's an XL, so I don't wear it often.


Navy Replica Brian Urlacher Chicago Bears Jersey.

White Replica Jay Cutler Chicago Bears Jersey. Yeah, yeah bring on the terrible QB jokes.

Chinese "Authentic" Darrelle Revis Green New York Jets jersey.

Marshalls sale rack cheap replica Frank Gore 2008 red jersey.


Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls Red Replica Jersey.

Kevin Durant Blue Oklahoma City Thunder Replica Jersey

Marshalls sale rack (though true replica) Kevin Durant Seattle SuperSonics yellow jersey.

Coming next week: Joakim Noah White Chicago Bulls Replica Jersey


Blank Carlsburgh Liverpool Red Adidas Jersey.

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Dont know what years but Black Lakers Kobe Bryants Replica(see here)

2003/2004 Lebron James Al-Star Replica


2006 Reuben Droughns Replica Browns

NCAA Football:

2009 Terrelle Pryor Replica Ohio State Pro Combat

2004 #44 Home North Carolina, Stiched but not Authentic(Most likely Madison Hedgecock)

2005 A.J. Hawk Home Ohio State Replica

Grey #45 Ohio State Replica

2008 James Laurinaitis Home Ohio State Replica with stiched numbers


2007 Victor Martinez Indians White Replica

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No pictures, but my collection of 50 mostly hockey (mostly Oilers) jerseys:

Edmonton Oilers

1972-'73 to 1978-'79 WHA

1972-'73 - 1973-'74 | white | Crossbar Athletic

1972-'73 - 1973-'74 | orange | Crossbar Athletic

1972-'73 - 1973-'74 | orange

1974-'75 - 1978-'79 | blue

1974-'75 - 1978-'79 | blue

1979-'80 to 1995-'96 blue & orange

1979-'80 - 1981-'82 | blue | CCM, Vintage Series

1979-'80 - 1981-'82 | white | CCM, Vintage Series

1979-'80 - 1981-'82, Glenn Anderson | blue | CCM, Vintage Series

1979-'80 - 1981-'82, Kevin Lowe | white | CCM, Vintage Series

1982-'83 - 1987-'88, Wayne Gretzky | white | Nike

1983-'84, Grant Fuhr, Campbell Conference All-Star | orange | Mitchell & Ness

1983-'84, Wayne Gretzky, Campbell Conference All-Star | orange | Mitchell & Ness

1986-'87, Grant Fuhr | blue | Mitchell & Ness

1986-'87, Wayne Gretzky | blue | Mitchell & Ness

1986-'87, Wayne Gretzky | white | Mitchell & Ness

1990-'91 - 1995-'96 | white | CCM, authentic

1996-'97 to 2006-'07 blue & copper

1996-'97 | white | CCM

1996-'97 - 2006-'07 | dark blue | Pro Player

1997-'98 - 2006-'07 | white | CCM

1999-'00 | white | Pro Player, authentic

1999-'00 | dark blue | Pro Player, authentic, with 'NHL 2000' patch

1999-'00 | white | Pro Player, authentic, with 'NHL 2000' patch

2001-'02 - 2006-'07 | dark blue alt. | Koho

2001-'02 - 2006-'07, Jason Smith | dark blue | CCM, with 'C'

2002-'03 - 2006-'07, Fernando Pisani | dark blue | CCM

current set

2007-'08 - | dark blue | Reebok

2007-'08 - | white | Reebok

2008-'09 - | blue | Reebok


1972 Summit Series, 7 (Phil Esposito) | red | Roger Edwards

1974 WHA Summit Series | white | Nike

1987 Canada Cup, Grant Fuhr | red | CCM, authentic, with 'Labatt Canada Cup' patch

1987 Canada Cup, Wayne Gretzky | white | Nike, with 'Labatt Canada Cup' patch

2002 - 2006 | red | Nike

2002 - 2006 | white | Nike

more hockey

Edmonton Road Runners | 2004-'05 | blue | SP

Edmonton Oil Kings | 2007-'08 - | red | Reebok

Philadelphia Flyers | 1982-'83 - 2006-'07 | white | CCM

Hartford Whalers | 1992-'93 - 1996-'97 | blue | CCM, replica

Western Conference All-Star | 1994 - 1997 | purple | CCM, replica

Chicago Wolves | 1994-'95 - 2000-'01 | maroon | Bauer | [iHL]

San Francisco Spiders | 1995-'96 | white | Bauer

CBC Hockey Night In Canada | powder blue | Roger Edwards

Montreal Wanderers | ca. 1917 | white | CBC

Dawson City Nuggets | 1905 | black | CBC

football & baseball

Edmonton Eskimos | ca. late 1980s | green | Champion, authentic

Edmonton Eskimos | 2005 - 2007, Singor Mobley | green | Reebok

Chicago Cubs | 1990 - 1993 | white | CCM

Chicago Cubs | 1992, 31 (Greg Maddux) | white | Mitchell & Ness

Chicago Cubs | 1998, Sammy Sosa | white | Mitchell & Ness, with 'Harry Caray' and 'Hey Hey' patches

Seattle Mariners | ca. 1995 | blue | Majestic, authentic, batting practice

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