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...I have a serious problem.

I got my Chris Miller Red w/ Silver throwback today. I'll post an updated version of my den when I finish getting the rest of the throwbacks. 7 more to go and probably a Redskins one too just because I'm ocd and the wordmark bothers me on the current version. You need to hang those up, get them some air.

Here's what it looked like last summer

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Houston Texans

Andre Johnson (Navy)

Andre Johnson (Red)

"Houston" Before they had any players(Navy)

Tennessee Titans

Steve McNair (Navy)


Houston Astros



90's Navy

90's Grey

1990 Xavier Hernandez Navy with rainbow stripes Spring Training game-worn


Dallas Stars black before the Star pattern

NCAA Baseball

Rice white 2002 CWS game-worn

Lamar white mid 2000s game-worn

Lamar red mid 2000s game-worn

Lamar white 2010 game-worn

Texas A&M maroon


Texas Wildcatters white

Might have some more.

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seriously, what do you people do with all of them?

It's a collection, a hobby; people collect things that are important or have value to them. Some people collect stamps, spoons, cars, alpacas, bits of string, etc.

I'd imagine with extensive collections, a few jerseys are worn because they like the teams they represent, or maybe even the player, but other jerseys were purchased because it was a missing piece to a collection or just a neat pick up. My collection isn't nearly as impressive as a few on here, but the jerseys I do have represent teams I cheer for or generally like.

Also, remember what website you're on. ^_^ We tend to obsess over jerseys and logos. Go figure.

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90s Authentic Orlando Magic Shaq Black Jersey

Nike Swingman Washington Wizards Michael Jordan White Jersey

Nike Swingman LA Lakers Home Kobe Bryant Jersey

Swingman Miami Heat Shaq White Jersey

Kevin Garnett 2008 NBA All-Star Game Jersey

Swingman Cleveland Cavs LeBron James Jersey

Swingman Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony Jersey

Denver Broncos Champ Bailey Navy Jersey

Denver Broncos John Elway Jersey

Denver Broncos Tim Tebow Jersey

Washington Redskins 75th Anniversary Sean Taylor Jersey

Washington Redskins White Deion Sanders Jersey

Washington Redskins Burgundy Darrell Green Jersey

Washington Redskins LaVar Arrington Burgundy Jersey

San Francisco 49ers Vernon Davis Jersey

New England Patriots Silver Tom Brady Jersey

New Orleans Saints Black Reggie Bush Jersey

San Diego Chargers Columbia Blue Tomlinson Jersey

Arizona Cardinals Red Boldin Jersey

University of Maryland Black Under Armour #18 2006 Football Jersey

With the current sporting good's store I work at, I was told that during the upcoming holiday season, the store in question will be getting remaining stock of Reebok NFL Jerseys and will be at roughly $20-$50. I know that I will be getting quite a few of them.

The ones currently I am trying to obtain:

Nike NFL Jerseys of: Tim Tebow (NY Jets), Peyton Manning (Orange Broncos), either RGIII or Orakpo in the Redskins Burgundy or 80th Anniversary throwback

NBA: LeBron James OR Dwayne Wade (most preferred choice is the red or black jersey), road John Wall jersey, St. Pat's Celtics jersey (no preferred choice)

NHL: Capitals Red Jersey (preferred choice is Laich)

MLB: Nationals red blank, Red Sox red or blue blank, Diamondbacks black blank, Orioles orange blank

This would be pretty much it for the time being....

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seriously, what do you people do with all of them?

I hang the NFL ones in my den and the other set of NFL and 33 college basketball jerseys in my office/spare room. I'd really like to sell the college basketball jerseys. If anyone is interested let me know, I could put them on e-bay or something.

We use the older outdated nfl, high school, college jerseys when we play flackle football(flag w/ stiff arms and throwing people down if you can't get their flags). One team wears white other dark. It looks cool.

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All I have right now is a replica Kurt Warner (Arizona Cardinals - Away) and a replica Sam Bradford (St. Louis Rams - Home).

I'm planning on getting one of these bad boys for Christmas though:


I know Myron Lewis is #23, but do you think he's that key of a player, or could I get away with wearing #23? I mean, my second favorite number is 47, and I know a #47 Bucs jersey is out of the question.

I think if/when I get that creamsicle wonder, I'll officially start collecting.

24,34,42,73,72,27,43 are possible solutuions.

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seriously, what do you people do with all of them?

Well in my case I buy the jerseys of teams I root for, favorite players, and styles that I like. I wear them throughout the year, the older ones I wear around the house, and the others I wear at games, or just around town. I don't wear them all the time but they are get used every once in a while

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Chiefs Priest Holmes Authentic Red

Chiefs Jamaal Charles Authentic White

Chiefs Eric Berry Authentic White

Chiefs Dwayne Bowe Authentic Red

Chiefs Tamba Hali Authentic Red

NFL, all replica kids jerseys (sizes M-XL)

Lions Barry Sanders Blue

Oilers Eddie George Light Blue

49ers Jerry Rice White

Rams Kurt Warner Blue

Rams Marshall Faulk Blue

Eagles Donovan McNabb White

Eagles Hugh Douglas Green

Packers Reggie White White

Packers Brett Favre Green

Dolphins Dan Marino Teal

Dolphins Zach Thomas Teal

Cowboys Troy Aikman Blue

Cowboys Emmitt Smith Blue

Broncos Terrell Davis Blue

Vikings Cris Carter Purple

Vikings Randy Moss Purple

Vikings Randy Moss Alt Gold

Bucs Warrick Dunn Red

Bucs Mike Alstott White

Jaguars Mark Brunell Teal

Cardinals David Boston Red

Cardinals David Boston Alt Blue

Cardinals Jake Plummer White

Browns Chris Speilman Brown

Falcons Jamal Anderson Black

Chiefs Larry Johnson White

Chiefs Priest Holmes Red

Chiefs Marcus Allen Red


Mainland High School Vince Carter Authentic Blue

UNC Vince Carter Replica White

Raptors Vince Carter Swingman Purple

Nets Vince Carter Swingman White

Magic Vince Carter Swingman Blue


Cleveland Indians "Script" Authentic Road Grey

Cleveland Indians Authentic Road Alternate Blue

STL Cardinals David Freese Cool Base Authentic White

STL Cardinals Albert Pujols Cool Base Authentic White x2

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Alright, here we go:


Gastineau Green (Auth)

Revis Green (Rep)

Washington Green (Auth)

Laurinitis Throwback (Rep)

Vanden Bosch (Titans) Lt Blue (Rep)

McFadden Black (Auth)

Elway Orange (Rep)

Flutie (Bills) Blue (Rep)

Kerrigan Red (Auth)


Leafs 1930 sweater white

Bruins 1975 black

Islanders Tavares Navy (Edge Original)

Islanders Navy Pre Edge

Bure Canucks (1995) Black


Wright Cream colored (Auth)

Mets White

Mets Black

Mets 2009 Batting Practice uni


Pat Swilling 95 Black

Brodeur Pre Edge White

What I plan to add:

Melo Blue (Auth)

Blount/Freeman White

Love Black

Trout Grey

Parise Red

Aldon Smith White

Moulson Blue (New)

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All fitted. Say no to snapbacks.

I love how you won't wear snapbacks but you'll be one of those d-bags who leaves the stickers on their hats.

And don't say that it's to grab the brim without getting it dirty I hate when people try to act like that's why they leave the stickers on.

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I love how you won't wear snapbacks but you'll be one of those d-bags who leaves the stickers on their hats.

And don't say that it's to grab the brim without getting it dirty I hate when people try to act like that's why they leave the stickers on.

I've left the stickers (used to be price stickers or whatever "officially licensed" sticker/hologram) on hats ever since I can remember. I didn't get into 5950s until 2007 or so, but all the Franchise type hats I've worn since middle school, I left the sticker on. Not to get all hipster about things, but it's just something I've always done. Not following a trend. And when the sticker falls off, as you can see in a few of the more worn ones, it just stays off.

I don't care what other people wear - snapbacks, fitted, sticker, no sticker, whatever. I just wish the snapback fad would go away because there are a lot of cool hats I'd like to have that I can only find in snapback.

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