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Wisconsin-Nebraska Football - who should change?


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Neither school should change a [bleep]ing thing. Haven't read a viable reason for either school to do so.

Other than them having the EXACT same uniforms down to striping patterns and colors?

And there ain't a doggone thing wrong with that.

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I wouldn't mind seeing both teams just adjust their current uniforms.

I would like to see Nebraska go to a single strip on the pants and shirt, as it would mimic the single stripe on the helmet, and play well with the simple N on the helmet. I also think changing from white to a cream color would help, as well.

For Wisconsin, they have black in the W, black in the mascot logo, but no black in the uniform. I don't want them to have a black shirt or pants, but they could easily incorporate a black outline to the numbers, and a very thin black outline on each side of the red stripes to separate them from Nebraska. It would be a simple change, but separate the teams much more.

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If the Insight Bowl had no issue with it, why should a Nebraska/Wisconsin matchup? The Mizzou old gold does not make that much of a difference in a game for a QB.

The same could be said for the annual Navy/Notre Dame game as well. They are smart enough to know who plays for whom. Don't underestimate the players.


The Insight Bowl had no issue because Iowa looks like the Steelers & Missouri looks like the Steelers in the year 3011. They had the same colors, but radically different uniforms. Nebraska & Wisconsin have the same colors & basically the same uniforms. That is an issue.

Gabbert sure seemed pretty confused there at the end of the game :D

How about BOTH teams keep them the same and anyone who can't read the team name on the score bar can be slapped in the face. And if you are actually at the game and can't tell who is playing then you have problems.

Agreed. If Wisconsin is changing their uniforms to something like the New York Giants; maybe that means their ditching the stripes.

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Regardless of Saturday's score, this ?


? looks better than this:


The New York Jets motif, with colored sleeves and white pants, would have looked sharper than the choice Bucky made at the Rose Bowl (it would have required a different jersey cut, though).


I still believe that the Field House W, which likely dates back to the 1920s, is far superior to Coach Alvarez's Motion W:


But, since the Field House W will never become the athletic logo, I would use the Bucky logo as the primary, while keeping the Motion W on the helmets.


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I also think changing from white to a cream color would help, as well.

This is as close as I can find to what Indiana did in 1983:


I'm guessing that uniform technology has improved since then, but I haven't seen other football teams try the cream substitution for white.

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