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Colorado Rockies (NHL) Paint Job


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If I add yellow/red/yellow hemstripes, there will be too much yellow. The pit stains add some white to the picture without affecting the traditional arm striping.

I think the colors are just fine, but I may be the only one. :wacko:

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Wow, for a paint submission, that's very sharp (both versions). I love the vintage look, and have always been a sucker for some of the defunct or relocated franchises like the Atlanta Flames, Colorado Rockies, Minnesota North Stars, etc. The second version really works too, and I like how you didn't overdo it with the silver like most modern jerseys will do.

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These are really cool other than the pit stains.

The pit details should be deleted.


Message received. Here's an updated version without pit stains and also with an altered stripping pattern for both the arms and waist.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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