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Hello all,

I was recently elected the president of the Connecticut Sports Writers' Alliance, which is pretty self-explanatory. In my duties of updating the web site, ctsportswriters.org, I couldn't help but shake that the image appearing as our logo looked quite a bit outdated.

I tried to modernize it a bit, because it's an organization that's been around for 70 years and it's not something that I think should be screwed with too much. Here's what I've come up with (the old logo, of course, on the left):



One of the things I can't seem to shake is that the top of the loop on the scroll should be shaded, but I can't get that down right. I also don't want to have too much visual clutter, so I've decided to reduce the size of the inkwell and feather to fit the outline. Can someone help with that?

I've also toyed with having the bottom point of the scroll protrude out the bottom left corner of the border, somewhat resembling the shape of Connecticut. Again, would that be too much, or a nice subtle touch?

I would greatly appreciate it if any of the experts here can provide their thoughts.



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I've thickened the lines on the scroll and inkwell as suggested and they do look much better, thanks.

For the suggestion of removing the containing shape, how would I go about working with the point on the scroll? Should it cover the text or go behind the text, or should I have the text just work around it (perhaps rather awkwardly)?

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