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New Marlins Uniforms?


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Well, the fact that it still has a F on the cap kind of kills the credibility.

Thought the same thing, though it's theoretically possible that whoever mocked this up didn't bother to modify the logo, and just wanted to show the colors and basic uni design. I doubt that though.

I'd be very surprised if this does happen.

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An update

"Those may not be the EXACT uniforms/logo but I heard red/yellow for the color scheme."

God, I think that would be awful. A team named the Marlins with a red/yellow? It just seems kind of stupid. At first I thought maybe this was because they wanted to have similar colors to the Panthers and Heat, but why not just maintain colors in line with the Dolphins? It makes more sense.

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Beyond the crappy quality of this... rough draft. There's no way these could possibly be the new uniforms. I like the name Miami Marlins, more than Florida Marlins, but I still find it hard to believe they'll drop Teal. All the shots of the stadium show blue seating, so why go with a red/orange, red/gold, or orange/black combination... it doesn't make sense.

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