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New Marlins Uniforms?


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Off topic, but has anyone ever wondered if teal is trying to be a "Novelty member", ala Giant Pacific Octopus? Given the reason that he wants teal on everything, or has that already been discussed? That doesn't really explain his/her love for sleeved NBA jerseys, but that's a different story...


I like to think of him as the liberated id of Lights Out. But don't worry, I'm generally not big on Freudian psych.

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Does anyone know if the Marlins white panel BP caps are actually sold in stores? Just about every place I've looked doesn't have them, and according to one store employee, it's because "the white part gets dirty too easily." Has anyone found any, preferably somewhere in the Northwest? I hate to buy online because of sizing inconsistency issues.

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@Soaringdude -- White hats don't work -- for obvious reasons.

It looks too collegiate. I can maybe see the Yankees coming out with a gray road cap, but no white for anyone.

It has nothing to do about looking collegiate, because i honestly don't know any of the top of my head who use white lids. The main issue is keeping them clean -- dirt and sweat stains could make white hats look dingy after a series.

Reds did back in the 50s. A bunch of teams tried in the 90s, but all of them didn't last long.

Not sure if you meant "none of them lasted long" or "not all of them lasted long", but the Reds used theirs six years.

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