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Team signatures (templates included)


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It's a nit-pick, but the Yankee fielders on the left have backwards jerseys.

Other than that, these things are awesome.

Go the nit-pik. I'm wired the same way.

I remembered to reflect logos but didn't move them to other side. Corrected now.

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Can I get a Syracuse basketball sig?

Left to Right:

00-Rick Jackson,32-Kris Joseph,11-Scoop Jardine,20-Brandon Triche,51-Fab Melo

Here's the roster so you can see their faces/skin tones as well as height. http://suathletics.com/roster.aspx?path=mbasket?

Also if possible, can the 2nd and 4th guys be wearing the road orange unis?


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I could work on any requests anyone has for soccer teams

I'd appreciate one for Newcastle United and Mexican National Team...Im swamped with work so I don't have time, but thanks in advance.

Newcastle: Harper, Nolan, Carroll, Taylor, Ameobi

Mexico: Ochoa, Dos Santos, Chicharito, Marquez, Torrado

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sure i'll work on an earthquakes one, in the meantime, here's a Nike World cup sig


Pleased someone did a football version. They look good, well done!

Thanks for sharing these files with us, blase. This is one of the coolest things Ive seen on here. I dont know how exactly, but I will definitely make use of these down the line.

Cheers! It's great seeing what people are coming up with.

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