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Similar to my Oregon concept, this is my idea of the perfect uniforms for the TCU Horned Frogs. I will start by saying that I like the elements from the recent uniforms more than the uniforms worn prior. The frog skin pattern is used on the baselayer, as well as the primary helmet and pants. I tried to balance the colors throughout the uniforms. I have included the options that I feel look the best.

Home & Road:



Home Alternates:




Road Alternate:


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TCU is my adopted team so I must say I actually care what people do for them. After saying that, I love this concept. The black helmet is probably the worst to me but it isn't necessarily bad. And the silver helmet/pants are my favorite

TCU is my HOME team, so I gotta put imput on this too.

Although I admire the creativity of the OP, I just can't stand that frog skin pattern on the helmet and pants. I mean, if it was just on a stripe, then yeah, but not on the whole thing.

One thing's for sure, your ideas are MUCH better than what Nike wanted them to wear during the Rose Bowl.

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