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Ugliest Uniforms in Sports


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The list was pretty bad. I mean beyond Denver/Colorado's inability to present themselves with a decent identity throughout their involvement with professional sports, some of the uniforms weren't too bad. The old Buccaneers' uniforms are constantly bashed - unfairly, I might add. And beyond that stupid comment concerning Ram horns on a helmet, I'm surprised the flying-V jerseys from Vancouver didn't make the list and the Oilers/Titans' throwbacks did. I will never understand why the Chargers get a pass, but the Oilers never do, and they looked good... minus, the silver helmet-era.

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HORRIBLE article. Just looking at the NFL picks, I agree with only 2 of them. Writer has mental issues.

Bucs - Love, far better than new uniforms

Broncos brown - nice use of obsolete color scheme


Chiefs throwbacks - what's to hate?

Eagles - Circus suits were worst uniforms ever

Jets' Titans set - tired of seeing them but nothing wrong with them

Lions throwbacks - love these

Rams old set - Need to return, better color scheme than today's

Seahawks lime green - yeah, their uniforms are a mess but I give them credit for using this color that I love

Steelers alt - Prefer their real set but these do look good


Packers throwbacks - yeah, they're bad.

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I rarely pay attention to things like this because we've seen a hundred articles just like many times before. There's never anything new, but one thing stuck out.

"Rams horns on a helmet are simply not a good idea". Of all the reasons to dislike that Rams set. Simply idiotic

How the hell are Ram horns on a football helmet a bad idea? Tell me a better idea anyone's ever had in regards to designing a football helmet. It's a sport where heads are rammed together. They're called the Rams. Rams ram their horns together with other Rams. How could you possibly make the Rams helmet better? You can't.

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