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super bowl XLV to be played on grass


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The turf at Cowboy Stadium is also notorious for injuries and is what many people believe what cause Tony Romo to go down.

No. Many people believe it was when Michael Boley crushed his ass and buried him.

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And has there ever been a study to see if using decals under the ice instead of painting leads to poorer surface conditions?

Can't be too bad, the NHL has been using them the last few seasons. As a matter of fact the Heritage Classic yesterday the entire marked surface was done on mats frozen in place.

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As for the way SB XLV's field was this painted year. I agree it did not look as good (Not only was the NFL and SB logos looked like crap. The Steelers endzone was looking bad as well. The packers looked much better), and some of it was due to the newer turf areas.

As for the SB logos. We have been spoiled with logos that fit the roughly 7 yard area between the hashmarks. The newer logo is much larger. So we will have to deal with the "Yard marks" being visable through the graphic. It is a specific NFL (and now NCAA and soon to be NFHS) rule that those marks will from this point on, be visable either through or not obscured by team and field grahics.

I know it is a bother, I just wonder how it will work with the newer field turf field in Indy next year.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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