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BTW, just thought I'd point out, the owner of the Lightning said they were going for a retro feel right down to the style (not design) of the uniform shirt.

Well dang, if they wanted to do that they could have just went back to their 1992 set. Just my opinion. I'll be honest, the new look is growing on me, but not by much. If anything, I like the white uniform more than the dark. I guess the Tampa Bay at the top helps it a little.

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How's this??


I tried to bring the logo to life and to make it look more like the Lightning everybody once loved.

It's still in a circle. :mad:

Common now. Shoulder patches get a pass. Plus all past Lightning logos were in circles anyway.

It's not the white circle that I have a problem with. It's the fauxback black one. Seriously, Tampa Bay is the same age I am. It has no history.

So what. Just because I was born in 1985 doesn't mean I should dress like I was born in 1985 my entire life. At some point I have to grow up.

Yes, but you're not going to dress like you were born in 1920, are you? Dress for your age.

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Make your pick...


More than one person saw flaws about the black circle. I made a few different versions now.

The middle one makes me think of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Perhaps the creators of concepts on this thread could submit their designs to the U.S. Air Force Academy hockey team, like, e.g., Raysox's design. It wouldn't take many changes to make this a satisfactory Air Force hockey uniform...

Brendino's looks good.

Then here's mine.


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