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Arizona court concept

Kevin W.

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My suggestions:

-Shrink the A down by at least 25%.

-Use the Arizona wordmark at both ends.

-Move the "BearDown" to the sidelines.

-Put the conference logo above the free throw line.

-Put the cactus logo where you have the Pac-10 logo now.

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the ARIZONA WILDCATS word on the baseline should fit within the sidelines of the court otherwise people on the benches and what not would be stepping on the A and the S would go off the bottom of the TV screen. I dont like the BEARDOWN and it would be better on the sideline like illwauk said. and I miisssss the cactus logo. to me, it's what made the Arizona court "arizona".

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The Arizona Wildcats wordmark is that way because the two wordmarks are supposed to be the same size.

With the cactus logo added:


not necessarily true, some teams with different length words on each baseline just have more space between each letter so that each word on each baseline covers the same distance, but just with different spacing between the letter. the Memphis Grizzlies do this for example and the Denver Nuggets used to until they changed it this year. Some teams like the Blazers, have equal letter spacing, like you have here. I just think having two baselines with such extreme different lengths of words looks strange. but thats just me.

also if theyre supposed to be the same as you said, why is one italicized and one not?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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