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alright guys,

I just started working on this Mustang logo. It would be for a football team. I wanted it to reflect pride as the team it is designed for has a tradition of being well....not good. so I thought that maybe a shield or a coat of arms would be a good source of symbolism. well, here is what i have. I cant tell if the mustang is working. the school currently uses the SMU running pony, and they want to go in a new direction. am I way off base here? CNC.



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Well, first of all I like the second version a lot better, so got with that one. Secondly, define the eye and jaw line more than what you've done so far. Third, you want to bring down the back of the neck a bit (thin out the line as it moves from the back of the neck to the mustang's ear, specifically), and then use a bit of shading finally to define the mustangs body much more than you have done with this first draft. When I'm looking at your logo, the best logo I think you should use as a reference would be this one...


You obviously want the logo to seem stronger, more fierce, and something that will instill a measure of respect with this team, so that would be my advice. Otherwise, the shield is perfect for what you're trying to accomplish.

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OK guys, thank you all for your feedback.

What I did was shorten the length of the crest as Funkatron suggested. this solved a few problems, notably the bloated horse look that Fraser pointed out. I played with the jaw to try to make it look stronger, and tried to smooth out the lines a bit. I havent added any sort of shading to it because i want it to look very iconic. Should I though? also, should the horse have a mane?

Thanks a lot guys.

CNC as always.


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It's looking better. A mane could definitely give it some more personality, but it also may make it more feminine. It's worth tinkering with, but I don't think it is absolutely needed.

The "muzzle" looks a bit off to me. Maybe do a search for "Horse profile" and see if there is another shape that might look better. I also think you should thicken the crest lines more.

I wouldn't worry about going crazy with shading.

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Thanks for to continuing intrest fellas. I smoothed out the ears, and added little accents to the eyes and changed the nostril. still not quite sure what to do to the snout to make it more horse like and less seahorse like.

Any suggestions? I dont really want to add lips to it, or teeth.


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The face is looking much better. A few more tweaks I think are needed.

1. Where the mane ends, down the horses neck, should be thicker and just continue into the white crest outline.

2. An accent line for the chest. It will help define that area more.

3. Thicken the outer line around the head a little more.

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