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Supporters Group Scarf Concepts


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I'm working on a few ideas for potential scarves for the Sporting KC supporters group, the Cauldron.

A few things that may help the design make more sense

  • There are 3 concepts with a different design for each side of the scarf
  • Dashed line in a couple of the designs represents the state line that divides Kansas City. The team uses design elements to represent the state line of the crest and the jersey as well as on some web stuff.
  • HOME SWEET HOME is referring to the team finally having their own stadium in their 16th season
  • The Cauldron is the name of the supporters group, it was a tie to the Wizards name

Please let me know what you think, good or bad


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I like the design of the third one the best, but would honestly rather see it with the font used on the first two.

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