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NCAA Basketball question


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Who decides where the two teams sit at a conference, presseason, or postseason tournament?

A conference generally has their own manual for conducting a tournament at the site.

For the NCAA Tournament:

Bench personnel may not exceed a maximum of 15 players in uniform and eight non-uniformed personnel, for a total of 23 persons in the team bench area. Two of the 23 must be medical personnel. Eighteen chairs are to be available at courtside for players and other members of the official travel party.

The host team will designate the home bench and this assignment will stay the same for all games at this site.

There can be as little as 17 chairs available as well. For Tuesday's "First Four" games, the home team will be just selected by Alphabetical order between the opposing schools.

The arena specific manuals can be found/downloaded here.

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It's usually designated by the home team as to which bench is home. I know that in our gym back at the alma mater, the home bench is always to my right when I'm seated at the scorer's table, no matter which gym we are in (the old or the new).

As to tournaments, home teams are usually designated by the organizing committee. Again, I have some experience here - the school hosts an annual shootout on the second weekend in February, between two of the best conferences in South Jersey. For those games, it is tradition that those teams in the Cape-Atlantic League are the designated home teams and the Olympic Conference teams are the designated visiting teams.

(Also, a slight note - it is rule that the teams always shoot away from their bench in the first half and towards their bench in the second half in overtime.)

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