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Pro Combat NHL Alternate Jerseys


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The WILD is absolutely perfect, although it could use a little red.

The nucks need to go back to the drawing board...

And I like the use of wings on shoulders, never cared for that Detroit Cougars logo.

But please expand to other teams!!!

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here is your penguins jersey. i really dont like that number font but it looked best with the script on front.

Thougths? better? worse?



Great Job, but maybe use vintage white and use more yellow

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They're Pro Combat. They're supposed to be a bit off-the wall.

I'm not really digging the VAN one, but MIN is awesome.

DET and PIT could use some tweaking, but you're on the right track.

Maybe igloo blocks in the white striping for PIT, and move the wings down the sleeve for DET?

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The Wild one is great, but you should use the current script.

Having "penguins" over a logo that says pittsburgh penguins seems redundant and the script on the logo couldn't be read anyway.

The Red Wings and Canucks both have potential, but seem to busy.

Overall, it's a nice idea that needs better execution.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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