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Victoria Grizzlies


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So as many have seen, there is a possibility that the Chilliwack Bruins will be sold to RG Properties and moved to Victoria. I also read somewhere that Len Barrie, who owns the BCHL's Victoria Grizzlies is also in on the deal. So if this comes to see the light of day, this is what I would like to see.


I would imagine with Barrie on board, he would be aloud to carry the Grizzlies name make the jump to the WHL (much like what the Vicotira Cougars did back in the 60's when they joined the league). There are not many changes from the original Bruins jersey other than the collar on the white jersey as well as the addition of the pant striping. I also put in a Remembrance Day jersey for the Grizzlies as the city is home to Canada's Pacific Navel Fleet.

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