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NHL Redesigns


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I love doing this kind of thing.

For Vancouver I chose a concept that's a bit out there, borrowing the template of the heritage jersey, the updated C and Johnny Canuck logos, and adding in a new plaid element.


C&C please.

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Alright, I'm gonna do a bit more here.

Next is Tampa Bay. I decided to use the basic concept of next years, but trying to distance it from the Red Wings and Maple Leafs. I think the added black looks tacky, so instead I used silver. I reinstated the victory stripes, and made the striping a bit more interesting. I also added a sublimated lightning bolt on the cuffs. The logo is based on the current shoulders.


After that is Dallas. I basically modernized their old template, which I thought was far superior to the dull lifeless template they use now.


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I like the Stars' trim, but I would change some of the colours: definitely add white on the home: I'd make the stars on the sleeves white to match the numbers.

Similarly on the Away jersey should have the numbers match the star, i.e.: the numbers could be black.

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