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NCAA Tournament


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I know there have been brackets on both ESPN and Yahoo in years past...just wanted to see if one is already up/will be created.

ESPN usually is the favorite, but I try to keep all my fantasy usage to yahoo.

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My prediction Final Four: Ohio State, UConn, Kansas, Pitt

My prediction Championship Game: Ohio State vs Kansas

My prediction Champion: Kansas

My "What the Hell, I'm picking with mascots" Final Four: Princeton Tigers, San Diego State Aztecs, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Pitt Panthers

My "WTHIPWM" Championship: SDSU Aztecs vs Pitt Panthers

My "WTHIPWM" Champion: San Diego State Aztecs

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Huh. As a Syracuse fan, it's great to see so many people picking them for the Final Four or national championship. Based on years past, I think they're far more likely to flame out against Xavier (and likely not good enough to beat OSU), but we'll see.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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