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For my next concept, I gave ACSTL a visual overhaul for if they ever join MLS. I'm also experimenting with a new number font. It's nothing special, it's a modified version of what the NHL's Hurricanes have. Another thing I tried out with this concept is a new type of jersey pattern. Borrowing from European heraldry, it seems soccer jerseys come in similar designs, but only a few, such as stripes, hoops, and contrasting sleeves, are used. This jersey, as well as the crest, were inspired by the city's flag. Not sure what kind of road jersey I want to make. I'm leaning toward a yellow shirt and navy shorts right now. The crest was mostly hand-drawn, the fleur-de-awesome was edited from a StL Browns logo. Might do other teams later. C&C greatly appreciated.


Can't get it to show here for some reason. Click to view.

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