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Saint Patrick's day concept thread


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I'll start. I thought it would be neat to change the traditional red to a burnt orange or a reddish orange, but I dropped that idea.


Like I said in the subtitle, if you have a St-Patrick's day concept that you think is worth posting, you can post it here. The thread is open to all and for any concept of any sport. I think this thread is a good idea so go ahead and have fun.

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no blarney my man, there's no fare on this day...damn Miller free rides jingle.

At any rate, here goes my bowler hat into this ring.


...no, I don't think Japan celebrates St. Patty's either, but I've been wanting to bust out my Carp logos again.


...yeh, I coulda just done the regular jumper but with green cuffs or something more minimal, but then few would've noticed ;)


...and finally, yes, I know they're affiliated with the Black Jays now, but I figured I may as well give my baby bird one last go.

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