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Neo's Personal Logo


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A couple of ideas I've been kicking around for a personal logo, under the name "Studio Gothengard" (Etymology = Gothenburg+Isengard). I chose that name only as a personal brand.



I'm also curious to hear how you guys would animate either of these as an opening logo for a movie.

All other C&C Welcome.

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Hey Neo,

Not a huge fan of the bottom logo. Reminds me of the castle at the end of of the original mario brothers. The top one you can work with. Maybe have all the shapes come from portions of the screen to form your logo in the middle with a swoosh sound once it forms.

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The Gargoyle logo could be cool. It represent your company more then just a G.

i agree with him ^ ... u should make the drawing of the gargoyle into a a vector image of watever u used for the other concepts so we can really compare.

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