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Aussie Rules Redback Logo - Help needed!


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Hey guys,

So I'm designing a logo for a local aussie rules football team (I'm from Australia) and I've really been struggling to take a solid direction in my approach. I've done a lot of research of redbacks, spiders in general and other redbacks/spiders logos. My summary of the redback is:

- redbacks have long skinny legs (as opposed to thicker hairy ones) longer back and front legs

- they are predominantly black (occasionally in the certain light will look a very deep red/burgundy) and of course with a red strip on its back

- Their backs are mostly shaped like a sphere

- They appear shiny when in light

- Their legs are rigid with several joints that come to a sharp end

- In ratio to the legs, the body and head are generally quite small, however they can range in size

- The legs join to the body at the bottom of the redback, between the head and the main body

- They have two fangs at the front of the head

Here are some images of redbacks

Redback 1

Redback 2

Redback 3

With that in mind, I also had loose boundaries to what I should include and how I should approach the logo which I have listed and the following reasons:

- No cobwebs. (Too similar to spider man)

- Must show the 'redback' of spider

- Must not be too abstract as to lose the identity of a spider

- Must not be overly modern (this is for a country football team with 50+ years history)

- Logo based with a separate wordmark (so that the logo can be used separately across branding, uniforms, club shirts, stationery etc)

- Preferably shield or shape based (not a prerequisite, but is often used across the logos of aussie rules football {preview AFL.com.au here} but I am happy to break the mould if need be)

There is probably some more I can't think of right at this moment, but those are the major factors influencing my decisions on the logos direction. As for colours the two main colours are black and red, however I am willing to use a selection of greys and white to give the logo more depth and life if suitable.

Their current uniform is (ignore the badges/sponsors) here

Where I am struggling the most is keeping the elements that distinguish it as a redback, particularly the legs and keeping it relatively simple without looking boring and dull. I tried dynamic poses but it really isn't appropriate for the context of the team.

Here are some of the ideas I have been messing around with, after hundreds of sketches. For most of these I started on a concept, but felt it was going nowhere, left it unfinished (often in horrible colours) and started on another. I now have the dilemma of trying to have a more definitive path. I'm not asking anyone to design anything for me, but I would just love some discussion or some C+C to get me re-motivated! I really don't like any of these designs (especially not in their current state) , so please don't hold back if you think you can help me to develop them or they spark a better foundation for a concept.

My ideas can be found here.

I apologise for the huge post but will be very grateful to anyone who can help me out!

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I'm loving the bottom right one, get a solid wordmark above it and there's a winner. If you're looking to add detail, maybe some highlights to distinguish the legs from the body and shield.

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