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Any Interest in Designing a MiLB All-Star Logo


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I work for an affiliated minor league baseball team that will be hosting our league All-Star game in 2012. We are in need of a logo for said event. As a longtime reader and member of this board I know the talent that exists and the excitement opportunities like this bring.

Would this be something folks on here would be interested in submitting ideas for?

My thought would be to have people submit some initial sketches or quick mock ups to us and have us then decide on a designer to work with on the logo, with tweaks and versions to be modified before a final set is decided on.

Is this something people would do for the experience? To add to their portfolio? We of course would provide some SWAG that includes the logo. Would a fee be required, if so what figure is realistic?

Before I get my GM's approval and proceed with putting the details out there I would want to see the response to this post and go from there.

Thanks for reading and replying.

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An affiliated minor league baseball team does not get quality graphic design work in exchange for 'swag.' This is basically a job that Dan Simon, Joe Bosack or Todd Radom would charge $5000 for (I would guess), and there's definitely a small amount of talent on this board approaching that level.

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can't work for "portfolio" forever. If minor league wouldn't offer money, who would. Next year Texas Rangers will come asking for "portfolio" piece.

And you should either make it open to anyone and expect final designs, or choose a designer based on a portfolio. Asking for sketches is new to me, and don't know what sketch would be, a pencil drawing? What if someone sends you almost done work, that guy would have better chances then sketch guy, while sketch guy might have betters skills but didn't have a chance to show it...

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Ominvore- thanks for that link and the message.

What I would suggest at this point is if anyone on this board is interested in possibly pursuing this project they should:

1. PM me and let me know

2. Then email me or send me pertinent work samples of previous completed work (either real logos or concepts or identities)

3. Our team would review works samples/portfolios

4. If we found a designer which we liked we would reach out to them to tell them of full details and elements required

5. Upon reaching an agreement on a $ figure the designer would then begin working on this specific design

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