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Spain National Team Uniform Madness!


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I was watching the match between Spain and Lithuania for the Euro 2012 Qualis and I realized that while most of the Spanish team was wearing the 2011 uniforms Llorente was rocking the better looking 2010 uniforms. Photos coming as they become available.

Here's Xavi with the 2011 uniform:


Here's Llorente:


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I haven't seen Spain wear the compression shirt but it's the same template as Sounders. If he wants a long sleeve he can wear an undershirt like the other guys though I know some folks prefer that the jersey itself be long sleeve

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Is Llorente a particularly odd size/shape? I wonder if adidas didn't send the right number of shirts, or something like that? Whatever I am guessing it's most likely Adidas's error, can't see them allowing a player to wear an old shirt unless they messed up?

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What does the scripting under the crest say?

says something like this:



30 MARCH 2011

It would be interesting to know what Llorente's says, in order to help us work out this little conundrum. Does look like there is some script there? Though I am not convinced there is a world cup star on his shirt? Which would suggest its one the Spanish FA or Llorente had knocking around somewhere?

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