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MLB ASG Caps and Jerseys Unveiled


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OK, these jersey scripts are sweet

Could not disagree more, it's practically unreadable. The teal doesn't work at all. By far the worst of the last few years.

It could just be my monitor, but I don't see any teal. I see a weird background/pattern inside the scripts, and the awkward blue star, but no teal.

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I think that given the new BP templates and the Diamondbacks' colors, these are probably the best that one could hope for. The biggest problem to me is that, essentially, it's just a D'Backs jersey with different text across the chest (in the Diamondbacks font, no less). Say what you will about ASG jerseys in general, but as a fan of one of the 29 teams not based in Arizona, this effort feels particularly uninspired.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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