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UCONN official national championship gear!


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No. 1 is a ranking in a poll that a championship essentially removes all meaning from. Is there even a postseason basketball poll? So Ohio State was the final No. 1 and Duke or some other 1 or 2 seed will be No. 1 next season and UConn might never be. But they are champions, and that's what the shirt and hat should celebrate, IMO.

EDIT: Just checked and saw that there is at least a coaches poll, which is about as pointless as it gets, especially when you have a guy like the Northern Arizona coach who votes Ohio State No. 1 "based on their complete body of work." Sure...

The game was bad, the announcing was awful ("top dog," "best in show") and even the gear was a disappointment. I didn't wait around to see if "One Shining Moment" got butchered.

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