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Spring Training Design - Feedback Appreciated


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Looking for any feedback you can provide...I was tasked with taking an existing logo for a venue/destination and redesigning it. I was only given 20 minutes to create and idea and make a rought draft of the concept, so thankfully I will have more time to create a legit logo and wordmark.

I chose Tempe Diablo Stadium, which is the Spring Training home of the Angels. I have included the real, existing logo for the venue (pretty bad) and my concept (logo and wordmark).

Ultimately the new logo should represent a connect between the venue and either an audience or a tenant (hence why I utilized the Angels color scheme and type).

I will have the opportunity to submit a second draft this weekend and then a final draft, but I figured I'd get the best advice/ideas/constructive criticism here on the boards.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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