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Sudbury Wolves


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C&C please.

Please, don't take this the wrong way... but are you serious? Where is the definition? this is just a blob of colours in the rough shape of a wolf's head.

I can see the vision of where you were going, but you need to keep working on this to clean it up.

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What I can say about the wolf's head has already been said. But you also need to rethink the lettering as well. Script fonts like the one you have used are not designed to be used in all-caps. And the particular one you used is pretty played out. There are plenty of free fonts out there; don't be afraid to go beyond the ones that came with your computer.

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The word mark is too generic. Word marks cannot be created with a word processor. The font needs to be unique.

The wolf head is too abstract and lacks definition. At the same time, it's too complex to be a logo, There are too many lines created by the different colours, but individual areas of the head's anatomy are too difficult to discern.

With some work, the 'Wolves' part of the wordmark has potential if you put it through some detailing in photoshop or something. This comes off as really lackluster and rushed

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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