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Golden Giants uniforms


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Today the Giants wore golden uniforms celebrating the 2010 World Series win against the Cardinals.

That surprised me... I never got any rumor about them from any SF website or CCSLC.

There go some pictures:




Back numbers are golden too...


Hey, even the interlocked SF in the caps is golden!

Funny thing is that I'm also a Red Sox fan and I remember that in the 2005 first game at Fenway Park, the Red Sox used a jersey with some golden details into the chest lettering.

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It's a new MLB tradition.

Here, added! :rolleyes:

Well, I never saw any 2010 golden Yankees jersey. Or any 2006 golden White Sox jersey and any 2007 Cardinals golden jersey.

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It's an MLB tradition.

Just like being a dummy is a Kevin W tradition.

It's certainly not a tradition. It's a recent trend. The fact that some teams just don't do it, others do it just for pre game, others just use trim while in this case one went much farther show that it's not any "tradition".

here's an image of what the phillies wore opening day 2009 after they won the world series.


note the gold trim.

Awful, for the simple reason that the thing that I hate most about the Phillies uniforms is that the "Phillies" script looks more like a patch than a script, due to the large white border around it. It's not too bad on the homes because they're white anyway, but the gold outline really accentuates what I find to be the biggest problem.

Someone back then had what I consider to be a brilliant idea, and that was to make the stars gold instead of blue.

Since they've been winning lately and really showing off their championship flags (which I don't think anyone really noticed until they started being opening day SGAs) I think they could change the stars to mimic the colors of whatever flag they're raising that day, not just for a WS championship.

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I actually thought the Yankees had a gold outline of their NY on their hat once, I could be wrong but I remember seeing the hat somewhere.

They sold them to fans (a jacket as well). Never wore them on the field or otherwise.

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