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2011-12 soccer kits


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The White DCU one isn't bad. But their kits are very underwhelming. They usually have the best sets in MLS. This is disappointing.

Also I echo Gothamite's sentiments regarding Columbus. Just to add to it, it's funny (only because of how much I see the argument about having or not having jerseys sponsors in soccer) but I think all their kits would look better with a sponsor.

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Not loving the general 2012 MLS designs I've seen so far.

the templates are varied and cool enough (colar, no colar, v-neck-ish etc) but some of the design details, not the general quick glance look are just ugly.

For example the white DC secondary, with the red weird shapes on the sleeves and under the armpits, not the general "armand", but rather those weird looking things that creep up towards the shoulder/neck or armpit.

They look almost like those kineo sport tapes or whatever they're called.

the Crew secondary would have been class, had the used the design till the bottom of the shirt...

Really hoping LA presents a nice follow up to the current primary jersey in 2012.

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Wow... that Columbus away kit looks like they ran out of ink at the printers (or like in the old days when your modem was slow loading a page). What a hideous design. Easily the worst MLS kit for 2012. Which is a shame too, it would have looked great had they not been cheap and splurged for another 2/3rd worth of jersey ink. Maybe that'll be a thing this year, people throwing change at the Crew at away games so they can afford to pay their supplier for a whole jersey.

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I think if they'd made the line curve from the underarm to the point of the neckline, rather than straight across, it would have worked out better. I want to like it, but it's just not quite there.

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