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Another Sabres Concept


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I noticed a recent trend of sabres jersey popping up on here, so I was wth I'll post mine. Still tweeking bits, and shades. But my love of Grey and the Sabres (grey sword? ahh?) created this.

Couple things. I love the recent third jersey's striping the two stripe twice, so I used it here. I also went with the sword "B' because I felt it needed some image of the sword due to my reasoning of the grey as well as I didn't want to use the circle buffalo because who wants a third with the same logo on the front. Basically I took two aspect I'm jazzed about and put them together...


sorry, donno how to size this so...

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Few technical things. If you meant Tyler, it's spelled Myers and he's number 57. And you misspelled "uniform"


If we are to add another alternate, I'd rather see a grey than a yellow. But I'd kind of like to see some more blue incorporated into the jersey at least. It's kind of too bland for my taste right now.

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Gray? Weird... Only time I saw something like this was the Milwaukee Admirals.

And it was awesome!

I donno, I love all the grey people are putting into sports. And I love how it looks in play. The sabres already have grey in their jerseys, and logo. I felt like it was a good match. And why not grey in hockey? Start the trend Sabres! Start the trend...

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So, I'm thinking of doing this in a series. But I'm wondering a direction:

Should I do more Grey Alts for hockey (since it was stated there aren't many). I have a few ideas for some teams.

Colorado / Edmonton / Vancouver / etc.

Or should I continue this and retool the Sabres with this kinda of styling (with maybe a logo change). I've worked on some logos for the sabres, and could incorporate them in here.

Or should I let this die and move on to bigger better things?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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