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It Must Be a Girl Robot


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In Philadelphia's ongoing citywide efforts to replace Joe Blanton at the end of the Phillies' otherwise dominant rotation, the "PhillieBot," a robot with a lifelike throwing motion built by UPenn students, was deemed "almost there" by pitching coach Rich Dubee just one pitch into its tryout. "Joe can miss all over the place, not just in the dirt," said Dubee.

Manager Charlie Manuel, though, sounded hard-pressed to find separation between the "massive, super expensive fancy gizmo" and the PhillieBot: "I couldn't see the difference. Put a uniform on that machine, and I couldn't see the difference." Judging by their harsh reaction to the pitch, the fans couldn't see one either.

"And at least that robot won't steal my Wendy's in the locker room."

No word on whether the PhillieBot will be offered a contract. Next up: recently-retired Hall of Famer Jim Bunning.

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this thing has made zero sense to me since I've heard about it.

I'm sure they've seen one of these before:


Or this:


Or these:


If I'm missing something please let me know. But put a Phillies hat on any of these on a RC go cart and you've essentially got the same thing...

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It's just a college project by engineering students trying to develop robots who can do more human like movements (though I'd agree that the catapult thing doesn't really seem to accomplish that.) It's not actually designed to replace a pitching machine. Just a science project. They brought it out because it's Science Month here and there's different exhibits and seminars happening all over the city.

If they wanted to really impress me though, they'd have designed the robot to actually kill Joe Blanton.

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