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NHL Baseball Uniforms


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I am new to doing concepts and wanted to start something I could use to practice and continue to get feedback on. So, please give me C&C on not only how my uniforms look but how I executed the uniforms. I want to learn to make these well. I'm going to start with the original six teams and see how that goes.

First off I did the Red Wings. The home uniform is inspired by winter classic uniform.


Away uniform is the traditional grey.


The alternate uniforms is inspired by the Red Wings home uniforms, I was going to use red pants like the Wings do, but after seeing Cuba in the World Baseball Classic a few years ago it was clear an all red baseball uniform is a little much. I suppose all the hats could be worn for any of the uniforms.



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Chicago Blackhawks:








The uniform is inspired by the retro-looking winter classic. I used the beige color from the uniform stripe and placed the new Indian Head inside the circle like the winter classic uniform. This logo can be found on all three jerseys now, replacing the lone Indian Head logo.

Next up are the Montreal Canadiens!

C&C is appreciated!

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Montreal Canadiens:

Here are two alternates for the Canadiens. I wanted to get something up before the end of the night for the sake of getting in a rhythm of working on this series. These two uniforms are just two of what I believe is going to be six for the Canadiens. I wanted the use the vest jerseys for the alts and the more traditional cut for the other sets which will include a retro inspired uniforms. I hope you enjoy this peak into my Canadiens. (which isn't too crazy, and really not much to it.)

Home ALT:


Away ALT:


C&C is appreciated.

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I love the Blackhawks home and red alt jerseys. The feathers on the script is a nice touch and the sleeve striping works surprisingly well. I'd prefer to see a similar script but with "Chicago" on the road jerseys. Most away jerseys with only a chest logo don't look very good to me. Nice start to the Canadiens, too. This is looking like the start to a pretty good series.

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Pretty spiffy so far. I dig the feathers hanging off the Blackhawks front lettering, although I would probably use something closer to this for the actual font so it doesn't wind up looking too much like Detroit or other teams (and it's "TOEWS", by the way ^_^ ). I wish there was a way to translate the Canadiens' iconic chest stripe over to baseball, but I can't think of one that wouldn't look gaudy and ?80s-ish.

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