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Favorite Basketball Warm Ups


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Admittedly, I stole this idea from the 2011-12 NBA thread, but I thought it was a cool idea. The post referenced basketball warm-ups potentially being as identifiable to a team as much as a uniform. In some cases, this is almost true. Here are my favorites:

Indiana's candy stripe pants


Boston's nameplate


Lakers Jacket


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I saw these in person:


I don't mean to get too off topic with this, but this is the perfect example of why I prefer the Spurs' overall identity in the 90's over today's. They seemed to really embrace the southwestern culture then, and it made for a very appealing identity. I didn't mind that thier uniforms didn't feature any of the southwestern colors, because I feel the logo, court, and warmups already established that identity well (it helped that the uniforms were sharp as they were, anyways). Now that EVERYTHING is silver and black, it's kind of a dull identity now. Like I said, I don't mind the uniforms as they are, but I do wish the southwestern colors carried over into thier logo update. The current logo in the southwestern colors would be sweet.

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I miss these. I was wondering, is there a warm up template and has any one designed any warm ups to go with the current NBA uniforms?

I also dig the early 90s Pacers, 80s Bucks and the 70s-80s NY Knicks.

I enjoyed seeing the different warm ups at the All Star game player intros as well.

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