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Oregon Football 2.0

Brave-Bird 08

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This is the second version of Oregon I've done, and part of my College Football Revamp Madness thread. The reason I'm putting it here is because I know how much people love to talk about Oregon...and can turn the subject into 10 pages in two days...so to be safe, I'm giving this post a separate thread... (the rest of the thread is here, please continue to follow!)

Anyways, I got negative feedback on my first Oregon concept, which came out of the blue while I was trying to make a unique template for Baylor. Today I put myself in the mood to give Oregon exactly what WOULD fly in real life, no pun intended.

No more anthricate. No more unnecessary combinations. I removed black from the main uniform and went with green and yellow. The goal of the concept was to pull together all of the positives of Oregon's current brand, while dropping the negatives and insanity.

I kept the wing pattern, but sublimated it...b/c I feel like it looks feminine if it stands out too much. I kept belotti bold, because anything that's a team specific, unique element, is vital. I created six MAIN uniform combinations, all of which are set to optimize the look and concept of color combinations.

Basically, the uniform set comes down to four themes. 1) all-green, 2) yellow-bottoms, 3)yellow-tops, 4) white-out and black-out.

The uniform is predominately focused on the green helmet, and alternates based on a green jersey, yellow jersey, and two different white jerseys. The under sleeves play a big part in the color balance for each combination, as do the shoes and socks. The last set posted consists of an all-white and all-black combination. My intention is for the white lid to be worn with the white jersey (green numbers) and white and green pants only, and the black lid is to be worn only with the black jerseys and black pants.

Even with simplicity, that was a lot to explain! Basically, this is how I would want Oregon to do things if I had a say! Take a look!





Look out for Arizona State in my CFB Revamp Madness, sometime this week!

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Love it. I like that it's simple, yet modern and cool looking. I don't like the gradient effect on the helmet. I also think you could have traced the bellotti bold a little better, looks WAYY to bulky.

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Great job on these...clean and well executed. I like that you kept the tribal feather pattern on the shoulders, but I really like that the focus is on green and yellow.

Look forward to that ASU revamp!

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