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Aston Villa Mash-Up


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Alright, so I've already posted portions of this concept once in an EPL design thread, but I got little feedback, so I'm coming back to it now as I've somewhat revisited it. From the last time, I revisited the home uniform and also added a third kit. I'm definitely looking for some C&C here, and I'll explain it all as I post it again.


The crest has gone unchanged from the last time I presented it, however it's a mix of the last three crests used by the Villans. The circle is from the crest when the club won the 1982 European Cup, the stripes are from the crest in between that one and the current, with the lion and star from the current crest, as well as the club's motto "Prepared" at the bottom of the circle.


Home Kit

The home kit is similar to the home kits of Villa's past, claret shirts, blue sleeves, and white shorts. The gold I had in the previous version of this is gone, and just claret and blue are used here. A Nike template is used to represent Villa's class. If playing on the road against a club like Everton who wears blue shirts and white shorts, the claret shorts may also be worn with this kit.



Road Kit

The road kit is very similar to the kit worn by Villa when they won the European Cup in 1982. White shirts with claret pinstripes, white shorts (claret shorts could also be worn), just like they wore when they won the European Cup, the club's greatest achievement.



Third Kit

This one would be worn during European competitions as well as on some other special occasions. It uses the pinstripes from the road kit and the contrasting color sleeves of the home one, as well as putting some gold into the pinstripes. These would be worn with the claret shorts.



C&C Please!

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Couple of things:

1) I think you need some white on the claret top. Maybe some white numbers and sponsor logo?

2) You should update to a newer Nike template. IIRC, this template is as old as 2005.

Otherwise, it all looks good. The crest is a nice blend of eras.

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