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A little soccer concept


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My local soccer team happens to be called HJK. It also happens to be the most succesful team in Finland and the current champion. And so the spring is here, the last piles of snow are fast disappearing and a new season is just around the corner. Exciting, right! Right?

Anyway, their logo falls into category "not a very pretty one, but one I'm used to". Like this:


So I don't necessarily mean they need an update, but happened to be be drawing something on an envelope... and then came up with a logo. And then I decided to try to transform it to a real logo with the magic of computers. So here it is:


Maybe not the most original, but what the hell.

By the way, at some point in the wild 90's, they even had this monstrosity for a logo:


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Instead of keeping the floral border, try replacing the stars with flowers of the same type...

If I'm not mistaken, the 2 stars probably symbolize the number of league titles for the team. So, if that's the case, you wouldn't see them replace the starts with the flowers. I think you could easily insert the new circle logo within an updated flower badge and keep the 2 stars above that.

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Yes, the two stars represent the 23 league titles.

I tried to incorporate the flower thing in it, but it does change the whole look quite a bit. And is not without its problems. Anyway:


One problem I see with this logo would face in an actual use is the thin lines between the letters. If you make the logo small enough, they will pretty much disappear.

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I think the inclusion of the flower works well. But I do agree with your point about the thin lines. Why not try and thicken them a little? You may end up having to rework the letters a bit but I wouldn't start completely over. I think this is a solid modernization of the current logo while keeping the identity intact.

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