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KHL's National Team Statues

hockey week

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I have the KHL on facebook and even though I don't understand a darn bit of Russian, when I saw these photos on my news feed, I had to check it out. Some are VERY interesting, and some would even work as real jerseys. If anybody can translate, that would be awesome.

the album on facebook


Some of the jerseys

russiastatue.jpg?t=1304365769 Russia

belarusstatue.jpg?t=1304365769 Belarus

latviastatue.jpg?t=1304365769 Latvia (the flag on the base gives it away)

slovakiastatue.jpg?t=1304365769 Slovakia (not gonna lie, the jersey intrigues me)

finlandstatue.jpg?t=1304365769 Finland (I kinda want to see that jersey in use)

canadastatue.jpg?t=1304365769 and Canada.

There's a lot more, but I figured I'd post only a couple. Cool stuff, eh?

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