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Your Favorie Teams... Why?

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Rays- Home team

Lightning- Home team

Bucs- Home team

Magic- Closest team

NC State- Dad went there

Chelsea- My dad got me a Chelsea shirt at Epcot when I was like 6, and so when I got back into soccer a few years ago I chose them.

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Anaheim DUCKS, LA ANGELS of Anaheim, Los Angeles LAKERS - Born and raised in Orange County, CA. First team I fell in love with was the Mighty Ducks. I started going to Ducks games in the inaugural season when I was 3 and my family has had season tickets every season. For the Angels, I was raised by my grandparents and my grandpa was a NY Giants fan when he was a kid. He ditched the Giants when they moved to SF, but when he moved to SoCal, he kept his hatred of the Dodgers and went with the Angels, and I was raised that way. For the Lakers, I'm really the only person in my family that likes pro basketball, but I started following it when I played youth NJB basketball. I started in about the 3rd grade and the Lakers had just gotten Kobe and Shaq, shortly went on to their three-peat, there was always the mystique of the Showtime Lakers, and I wasn't going to pick the Clippers lol :P .

Indianapolis COLTS - Living in OC/LA, we haven't had our own football team for a while. My family was never ever going to be Raiders fans, and my grandpa liked the Rams and went to games because they were close in Anaheim, but I was too young to really go and then they were ripped away in 1995. When I got a little older, my grandpa, uncles, cousins and I would take the train down to San Diego and watch a Charger game once every year. This was the late 90s/early 00s and the Doug Flutie, 4-12 every year Chargers. I enjoyed the games, but I never fell in love with the Chargers or Qualcomm Stadium. I initially didn't even fall in love with football, because I wasn't allowed to play as a kid (always wanted too, but my grandma never wanted to pay for it or see me get hurt or whatever). I started really getting into football when I played in high school and I actually began watching football on the weekends. Back in 2004, the Colts were really getting good with Manning and Co and they were always on TV. I loved the style of play, I loved the uniforms, and I loved the blue they used. So I kinda just chose them as my team.

Manchester UNITED - Really the stupidest reason out of all of my teams. In the movie "Eurotrip," the two guys go to England and find their way into a Manchester United supporters bar. At the time, I thought the team was fake and it was just a funny portrayal of soccer hooligans. Then around the 2006 World Cup, I really started getting into soccer at the international level, because the MLS and the Galaxy never really grabbed me. After falling in love with the World Cup thanks to some of my friends with deep European roots, I started watching EPL soccer because I knew it was the highest level, Once I found out Man United was a real team, I latched onto them. I had no idea of their history or their reputation in the EPL, but I became a fan simply because they were the only soccer team I knew because of their stupid representation in that movie.

Arizona State SUN DEVILS - Proud to be an ASU student, and I am a Sun Devil.

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Richmond Tigers Football Club Australian Football League

The greatest Club in the world, and i have followed them since i was a twinkle in my fathers eyes (38yrs) ago. I was born 5 minutes walk from their territorial home ground Punt Road Oval.

Liverpool Association Football EPL Followed since 1984 as Craig Johnston a South african born Aussie debut for Liverpool in 1981, plus they were a great club in the 80's.

Queens Park Rangers AF EPL My uncle sort of bribed me to watch games with him when we were younger as the first ever American Goalkeeper played in the EPL. Juergen Sommer

Canadian Tigers Football Club CFL What can i say i follow most Clubs with the nickname Tigers, except Detroit.

NE PatsFootball Club NFL Love the name and identity, the latest logo is a bit wierd, but it is a great club with a proud history.

Melbourne Rebels RugbyRugby Union Club Super Rugby About time we received our own Rugby Union Team in the Super Rugby competition, has only been in the comp for this season so other than being from Melbourne i can't really tell you why i like them.

In the NHL it's a tie between the Leafs and and Wild, the Leafs as i like the history of the old club and the passion the fans show.

The Wild as this is one of the oldest known areas of Ice Hocke as you can see i'm a bit of a history buff, also their unique logo.

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Washington Huskies - Because I went there...

San Diego Chargers - When I was just getting into watching football, I didn't really have a favorite team, I was more interested in just watching the game and learning it. One weekend, we took a family trip and my dad bought me a football pre-season magazine to look at to learn about the league. On the cover was a picture of Dan Fouts with the title "Why Fouts Is Better Than Bradshaw". My dad was a big Steelers fan, and so I thought that if Fouts was better than Bradshaw, I should be a Chargers fan...

San Francisco Giants - I watched the Dodgers-Expos playoff series on Canadian TV and wanted the Expos to win because the announcers were so excited for them. The Dodgers beat them and I decided that the Dodgers arch-rival would become my favorite team, hence the Giants. Don't know how that didn't turn into a love for the Expos, blame 11 year old logic...

Pittsburgh Penguins - Penguins were my favorite animal growing up. Really that simple...

Arsenal - I simply liked the name...

Indiana Pacers - I liked the old ABA and when they merged into the NBA, I decided the Pacers would be my team and would show those mean ol' NBA teams how to really play basketball. Oops...

Saskatchewan Roughriders - Always felt sorry for them, they seemed like the sisters of the CFL poor...

Maybe if I had grown up in a large city with pro teams, I'd be more inclined to have picked the local teams. But I've rooted for each of those teams for almost 30-35 years now, never wavered, and I'm happy with my selections.

On a side note, my dad became a Steelers fan in the early 70's. A buddy of his in the Marines was from Pittsburgh, my dad didn't have a favorite team really, so his buddy was telling him about how the Steelers would soon become a force in the league. His buddy was killed a week later, so my dad decided he would be a Steelers fan. Guess that worked out pretty well for him...

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I'll do it by sport


Florida Marlins- I was born in Ft.Lauderdale,and my parents grew up in South Florida.So I love the Marlins.

Texas Rangers- I started to like them back in 2009, when I saw their way of play and the talent they had with Kinsler,Young and Hamilton.We were in the car lsitening to radio in the 9th inning of the ALCS last year, and me and my friend were so excitied that the Rangers made it to the World Series.


Pittsburgh Steelers- My dad's side of the family is from Pennsylvania, so I love all Pittsburgh teams.I was really pissed that they lost the Super Bowl this year, but I'll be a fan for life.

Atlanta Falcons- I live in the Suburbs of Atlanta, so I love the Falcons as my 2nd favorite team.The funny thing is, is that I have more Falcons gear than Steelers stuff, because the Falcons are local.


Atlanta Hawks-I like the Hawks for the same reason as the Falcons.They are really one of the only teams I like.


Pittsburgh Penguins-I love all Pittsburgh teams.You can why if you'll look at my reference about the Steelers.

College Football

Miami(FL)-I was born in South Florida, so I love the Canes.I honestly think they'll do good this year,because of their new coach.Coach Golden is fired up and intense unlike Randy Shannon.

Boise State-What can I say?Hate on me if you want, but I fell in love with them after that 07' Fiesta Bowl.

Pitt-Like I said before, look at my reference about the Steelers.

So those are my favorite sports teams.What do you guys think?

Interesting you claim you have more Falcons stuff than Steelers stuff. Steelers stuff sells everywhere. You should see the Buffalo Wild Wings here in Kennesaw...the store is decorated with Braves, Hawks, UGA, and Falcons gear...but everything over by the bar is Steelers stuff.

really annoying. that place is Steelers central.

I might also have to add that I definitely root for the Bengals. My brother goes to Wright State University, so I visit up there a lot and get exposed to the die hardness of their fans.

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Caps, Nats, United are all home teams, hence why I root for them. Barcas a different animal, I saw them play in Seattle on TV and fell in love with their style. I know what everyone says its easy to like a great team like Barca, but dammit, my home teams give me enough heartbreak. If I'm watching international football I want to watch it at its highest level and most attractive. Thats Barca.

I see where WildWing is coming from as far as not liking his nations "national sport". I fell out of love with the NFL a few years ago, and have never gone back, which is why I am a former Redskins fan.

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Vancouver Canucks: My favorite sports team of all time. been a fan since i started watching hockey and i always will be a fan of this team. I live in vancouver so i guess you can understand why i'm a fan.

Washington Capitals: Everyone rips me and accuses me of being a bandwagoner even though i have been supporting the team since the late 90's and it pisses me off. i have watched them through some bad years and no one understands this. I rock my new Ovechkin jersey (my only one that fits me) all the time and people are like "i bet u only liek the caps jus cuz thur gud"." i respond telling them i've been a fan since i started watching and they're all like "yah shur"

Philadelphia Flyers: when i went to my first ever canucks game (vs philly) on new years eve 1997 i was down at the glass wearing a cheap flyers jersey that my dad got for me 2 days prior and Eric Lindros saw me and flipped a puck over the glass for me. the flyers won that game 8-0 and afterwards my dad managed to get me to where the flyers were getting on the bus to go to the airport and Lindros came over and signed my goddamn jersey

Celtic F.C. My family on my dads side has been supporting this team in every year of their existence (dating back to 1888) and i'm continuing the tradition. when i was 6 i got to see them for the first time ever (in scotland btw) and watched them rape Aberdeen 7-0, which included hat-ticks from their superstar Henrik Larsson and Mark Viduka.

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Alright, for the teams in my sig:

Bulls: I am from the Chicago-land area

Bears: I am from the Chicago-land area

Blackhawks: I am from the Chicago-land area

Cubs: I am from the Chicago-land area (i was just raised cubs over sox)

Purdue: I will be a student there next year

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Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians, Ohio State - My dad & I lived most of my life in Cleveland.

Dallas Stars in 1993 because of family living in Dallas. Whenever I visited my brother inlaw took me to see them.

I have 2 other NFL teams I follow because of when the Brown were gone. I chose Tampa Bay for the NFC, and New England in the AFC.

When I moved to Dallas in 2002 I started to follow the Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers. I tried to follow the Dallas Cowboys but just couldn't do it. Jerry Jones makes me sick!!!

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1. Calgary Flames - I'm originally from Winnipeg but I am too young to remember the Jets. Went to my first game in 1998 the team wasn't very good then, I remember attending the Save the Flames rally, 2004 Cup Run may be the most ecstatic I have ever felt towards a sports team getting within one game of the Stanley Cup this city was just crazy that spring.

2. Green Bay Packers - First football game I ever watched was Super Bowl XXXI and just loved the jersey's and Brett Favre that entire team was just great and today I am a massive Packer fan and Super Bowl XLV was really the first sporting event I could celebrate I was 18. :P

3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Hometown team really got the love for them through my Dad, hopefully I'll be able to see a Grey Cup soon! 3 times since 1990 and 3 losses.

4. Newcastle United - I remember watching old videos of Alan Shearer during the Toon's hayday in the early to mid ninety's and from then just started following.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide Football - As I really don't have a tie to the school, I was in a sports store when I was 11 saw a hat with the Elephant and big BAMA script beneath it and I bought it, ever since just followed the team.

6. Minnesota Twins/Toronto Blue Jays - Toronto because they're Canadian and the Twins because Joe Mauer is my favorite player and I love cheering for small market teams.

I like the fact that you like teams from all around, yet have good reasoning. How bout those Packers! I used to watch Greg Jennings catch bombs from Ryan Cubit at Waldo Stadium when he played at Western Michigan. He made me so proud on Super Bowl Sunday.

I also like that you root for small market teams. Since my Dbacks are never in the playoffs, I root for the small budget underdogs in October.

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Arizona Cardinals - Home team

Phoenix Suns - Home team

Arizona Diamondbacks - Home team (Before 1998 I didn't watch as much baseball, but I followed the Angels)

Arizona State - Bachelors and Masters from ASU...also I have been a professional staff member since 2006.

Newcastle United - Picked them when I started following the EPL when I was young.

AS Roma - 1/2 Italian...Mother's family is from Italy, near Rome...Roma is the family team

Club America - 1/2 Mexican...Father's family comes from all over Mexico, but America is the family team

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3. Arizona State - I don't follow the Sun Devils very closely, but for the past couple of years, ASU has been the college that I wish to attend. It would be very ideal if I could walk-on to the baseball team, but since they're top in the nation every year, the chances of that happening is laughable. I want to go into sports journalism, and/or sports broadcasting.

That is awesome we just went to Phoenix during spring break for spring training and we fell in love with the area/campus and now my gf and i both want to go to ASU. My second choice for a major would be in sports journalism right behind Biology (ecology specifically). Baseball would also be the sport i would be interested in walking on too but that probably won't happen.

As for the other teams in my sig, Nuggets are my favorite team because i live in CO so yeah, no other reason. I always resisted the Rockies for some reason until midway through the 07 season when me and my dad got to go on the field and meet Todd Helton, the end of that season with the world series helped cement my love of the rox. I have been a chiefs fan for longer than i can even remember but i have just always naturally hated the Broncos and loved the Chiefs. The Sharks have been my favorite hockey team since after the lockout when i started to get interested in hockey a little bit, I just liked them at first because a shark was my favorite animal but now i am a dedicated sharks fan.

Aw man I love Phoenix! Hopefully we both get to pursue our dreams of going to ASU!

I tend to root for the teams in Colorado, because I have family in Denver, and my godfather would always get me Rockies, Broncos or Nuggets gear for my birthday and christmas. That's pretty sweet that you got to go onto the field and meet Helton. Recently I've been wanting to get out to Denver to see the stadium.

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1.) Anaheim Ducks (Mighty Ducks of Anaheim) - I became a fan of the December of 2002. Years before I was a Capitals and Hurricanes fan. But, two disappointing Stanley Cup losses to both the Red Wings (I hate them) made it tough for me to swallow. So much so, I stopped paying attention to hockey for half the 2002 season. One day during Christmas break that year I was watching the Mighty Ducks movies and started remembering why I began to love the sport from when I was a child and it was because of the films. A few days later, the Mighty Ducks were taking on the Detroit Red Wings and I was listening to the game on NHL radio. Despite the Ducks loss, they put a valiant effort into that game and for some odd reason I have been a Ducks fan since. Little did I know they were going to go to the Stanley Cup Finals that year and sweep the Wings in the process. Gotta love the irony.

2.) Baltimore Ravens - This started in 1996 before the Browns officially moved to Baltimore. My dad called up the Browns offices in Cleveland and asked if they were going to be selling seasons tickets for Baltimore the following season. They said "Yes, we are. We honestly can't wait to get the Hell out of here." Pretty said honestly. I felt for the Brownies because Baltimore knew how it was to lose a team. But, regardless, football was back in Baltimore and my dad has had seasons tickets ever since. The offices in Cleveland actually said my dad was the first person in Richmond and Virginia for that matter to purchase them.

3.) Houston Oilers/Texans - While I am a Ravens fan, I also grew up loving the Houston Oilers. My family lived in Houston for several years before I was born and my dad would tell me about some of the Oilers games he saw and went to. Plus, I admired their up and coming team at the time with McNair and George. I was hooked into them. Needless to say, when they moved to Tennessee it devastated me, but I followed the Titans in the years following and was disappointed they couldn't take home SB 34. I still hold a soft spot in my heart for the Oilers. But, when Houston was given an expansion club in 2003, I was excited beyond belief. From that point I have supported them since, even though they have had nearly no success until last year.

4.) Chicago White Sox - This is an odd one, but I have actually been a White Sox fan longer than any other team I've ever liked. Not to mention the main reason I started liking them was because my mom hated them :lol:. But, the movie Field of Dreams also had a lot to do with my interest in the team. There was something about Ray Liota's portrayal of Joe Jackson that made me look up to the man as a ball player. Soon after I began to follow the team and grew up loving guys like Konerko, Thomas, and more recently guys like Pierzynski, Buerhle, Peavy. It's a shame they're having such a lack luster year. I really thought they had it in them to do better.

5.) Red Bull New York - I began following them when I was a kid. However, at the time they were the NY/NJ MetroStars. I can remember being a kid and visiting my grandmother in New Jersey during the Spring or Summer. The games would be shown on the local New York stations up there. But, I also admit I was a DC United fan for a while, too. For a while, though, I lost interest in soccer. It wasn't until a few years ago, I got back into the sport and found the Stars had turned into the Bulls. Ever since, I've been Red and Blue!

6.) Real Madrid - This is the one team I haven't been following that long. And the biggest reason I got into them was due to the fact that Mesut Ozil plays for them. He was my favorite German player during the 2010 World Cup. But, after reading up on some of the history of the club I have grown to love them even more.

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Michigan State

The team I have supported since birth. I have always been loyal to this team through good years(2001-basketball) and bad (football pretty much every year of my life except the last couple). I was born into a spartan family. A member of every generation of my family has attended State since it opened in 1855.

Go Green!

Central Michigan

The school I currently attend. I wasn't always a fan, but my loyalties belong to the Chippewas now. This fall is going to be tough to see them take on MSU(we host them in 2012 :grin: ). We are the heated rivals of Western Michigan.

Detroit Pro Sports

Lions, Tigers, Redwings, and Pistons. I have always been a fan of my home teams, and I always will. When the Lions when a Super Bowl, when I am like 90, I will be able to say that I am a real fan. I am even active in trying to rally support to get Detroit a MLS team. I love that city, and I love the State of Michigan.

Liverpool FC

A team I honestly didn't know about until 2004 or so, but a team I fell in love with. The best fans in the world in any sport IMO. I will always support the reds. Watching them as a casual fan turned me into a soccer die-hard.

Aha, a fellow Michigander! One of my friends is walking-onto the Spartans as a Defensive Back this upcoming year.

I see you attend the enemy :P Although it is against my religion to root for the Chippewas, I'll admit I was pumped when they took town the Wolverines at Chrysler a few years back in hoops. I always liked it when CMU played the Broncos in hoops, cause of their point guard, Giordan Watson (I think he was from '05-'08). He was fun to watch, and I respected him. It was a good thing for the Broncos that he never had another good player on his team.

I'm glad to see you support the Detroit teams. I'm sorry that I don't :rolleyes: haha.

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I won't bore you with the details other than I'm originally from Cincinnati, and have lived in Columbus since 1993. The Reds were my first love and something about them feels so comfortable, but the Blue Jackets have taken over as my favorite team in any sport. Nobody reads other posts in threads like this. Hockey is my favorite sport and as a hockey crazed 10 year old it felt like a gift from the heavens that an NHL team was coming to my sleepy little city. Three years later I was at the first game in franchise history and I was hooked. Even though they feel like they're run by a chimp and they've had exactly one playoff appearance and 0 playoff wins in ten years, I still love this team. They feel like they're all mine. I'm considering a CBJ tattoo.

As for the NBA, I've never had a team until recently. I always expected to become a Cavs fan, but their teams were so unappealing in the late 90's and by the time Lebron came along and everyone jumped on their bandwagon it just felt disingenuous for me to root for them. That, and the way Cleveland fans root for their teams is so annoying. I didn't feel like being associated with even one of their franchise even if its the state's only NBA team. Also, I'm really not a fan of the sport of basketball at all.

That said, if you follow me on Twitter you'd know that I recently attended my first NBA game and it was game 3 of the Nuggets-Thunder series in Denver. I was visiting some family/friends and my uncle took me to the game. I had a lot of fun and later watched games 4 and 5 from a bar in downtown Denver. That did more to endear me to the Nuggets than anything I've ever felt with the Cavs. So I guess I'm a Nuggets fan now. That means I gotta add them to the signature.


Cincinnati Reds/Bengals - from Cincinnati

Columbus Blue Jackets - from Columbus, went to first game, and over 100 since

Denver Nuggets - only NBA game I've ever been to

Ohio Bobcats - Alumnus

Ohio State Buckeyes - that's where my parents went to school, ie, the reason I'm alive.

I'm glad to hear that you support the Blue Jackets regardless of how bad they are. That's a true fan right there. I'm also glad you didn't hop on the LeBron bandwagon like everyone else did! Good to see that you're an Ohio Bobcats fan as well. 2010 MAC Basketball champs as a #9 conference seed and the MAC's first NCAA Tournament win since 2003. I used to hate Ohio because of their old coach, Tim O'Shea. Now that he's out, me and OhioU have a clean slate, and we're friends again!

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Anaheim Ducks- When I was little, I loved the colors and logo, but when I got a bit older, I decided one day that I wanted to buy a hockey video game, and I went and got NHL 07. I played with the Ducks because they were the local team and I started to learn about the players and I really enjoyed the game. I then convinced my parents to take my to a game in 2006, it was a 6-4 win against Phoenix...since then, I have been HOOKED!

Anaheim Angels(their real name ;) )- I played baseball for a while, and I was an Angels and Dodgers fan, but I gave up the Dodgers because I hated the fans and I just wasn't feeling it with the Dodgers. The Angels were a pretty good team with Guerrero and co., so it was easy to love them. I still like them quite a bit, but not as much as I used to.

Los Angeles Lakers- Local team, and they have always been good. I don't like them as much anymore though.

San Diego Chargers- Closest team, and I went to my first NFL game there. LT and co. were exiting and I really fell in love with them during LT's MVP season.

USC- Local school, Dad went there for Grad school, etc.

I also sorta like the SF Giants, Arizona Cardinals, and a bunch of other NHL teams (but none come close to the Ducks)

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Toronto Maple Leafs/Toronto Blue Jays/Toronto Raptors/Toronto FC- They're the local Canadian teams. Pretty much it.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats- I'm from Kitchener, so I decided to support another small(er) southern Ontario city in the CFL instead of following the Toronto trend.

Kitchener Rangers- Again, from Kitchener. They're the closest thing I have to a true home town hockey team.

San Diego Chargers- My dad's family would vacation in San Diego in the winter, so he grew up as a Chargers fan, since they were the closest thing he had to a "hometown" NFL team. I just kind of adopted them from him.

UWO Mustangs- My alma mater.

Auburn Tigers- My sister goes there. It finally gives me a NCAA team I can cheer for, as I feel strange about cheering for university teams if I have no connection to the school.

Good to see that you're a home team kind of fan.

I'm with you on the part about feeling strange cheering for an NCAA team that you have no connection to. When I was little I was a Michigan State fan, and even a U of Michigan fan, but as I got older, I realized that everyone either liked MSU or UM, and there's a Division 1 team 10 minutes down the road that isn't very popular to the public, so I decided to make them my team, and it has stuck.

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NHL: I support Philadelphia. After about 13 years of rooting for the Leafs with my dad, I decided I had had enough of their hopelessness. After they were eliminated by Philadelphia in 2003-04, I was glad that there was going to be a lockout because I was sick of how poorly they had played during my time as a fan.

I switched my allegiance to Philadelphia because:

1. I have ancestry in the Lancaster, PA region.

2. Without Bobby Clarke slashing Valeri Kharlamov in the 1972 Summit Series, the outcome would have been vastly different.

3. They sport my favourite colour scheme.

4. The current roster has a lot of players from small towns in Northern Ontario, where I live.

5. Brian Savage is from my home town.

6. They have the second-highest regular-season win percentage in the NHL next to Montreal (I cannot bring myself to root for MTL because of my English heritage).

7. Lauren Hart is carrying my lovechild (kidding).

NBA: I support the Raptors, as the only Canadian NBA team. I also support the Suns, as the team with the current best Canadian player and 2-time NBA MVP. I hardly watch any NBA, however.

MLB: I was a huge fan of the Blue Jays in their glory days. They were winning, and I was a little kid, so it was the best of times, sports-wise. Now, pretty much as long as the Yankees don't win the whole deal, I root for the team the Yankees are playing against.

NFL: I'm an anti-fan of New England and Pittsburgh; New England because of the Revolutionary Army that broke away from the British; Pittsburgh because they think they are the greatest team of all time and need to be shown differently. I have bounced around with which team I prefer in the NFL, but I don't really watch it all that often; mostly just the Superbowl. I have watched that every year since Rams-Pats in 2002. I have cheered for the following teams since then:

2002 Rams-Pats: Rams 2003 Raiders-Bucs: Raiders 2004 Panthers-Pats: Panthers 2005 Eagles-Pats: Eagles 2006 Seahawks-Steelers: Seahawks

2007 Colts-Bears: Colts 2008 Giants-Pats: Giants 2009 Cards-Steelers: Cardinals 2010 Saints-Colts: Saints 2011 Packers-Steelers: Packers.

By my count, that means I have picked a winner in 4 of the last 5 seasons. If I had to pick a favourite team, it would probably be the Pack. I like their business model, and I think more teams should adopt it.

CFL: Argonauts, bar none. They are the closest CFL team to Sudbury, and I have a deep admiration for the work that Pinball does for his community. I also have a shirt autographed by Pinner.

NLL: Toronto Rock. I watched during their glory days from 1999-2005.

OHL: Sudbury Wolves. They're the only hometown team, so I have to support them, no matter how pathetic they are. I still keep in contact with some ex-Wolves who I went to school with (Kevin Beech, Adam McQuaid).

OCAA men's basketball: Cambrian Golden Shield. It's my alma mater.

That's all I can think of for now.

Very interesting background for your teams. I totally agree with you on the part about rooting against the Steelers, especially what you said about "they think they are the greatest team". My girlfriend is a Steelers fan, and I was cheering for the Packers because I used to watch Greg Jennings play in college at Western Michigan. After the game, she was like "whatever, we still have more championships than anyone". That part is true, the Steelers have the most Super Bowl Championships, but the Packers had won multiple championships, back in the Lombardi days, before the Super Bowl even was a thing, and nobody ever takes that into consideration.

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New York Jets - My Grandpa is a Jets fan and we are the only ones in the family who care about football so I inherited his love for the Jets

New York Mets - Same as Jets except for it was my Grandma

Pittsburgh Penguins - My favorite animal is a Penguin, so it was natural

USC Trojans - My first football game was NCAA Football 07 (Reggie Bush was on the cover) and I liked their jerseys.

I really like your reasons for your last two, the Penguins and USC. It reminds me of a young version of myself. When I was little I used to root for teams because I liked the animal that their nickname was, or because I liked the colors and jerseys. Although, unlike you, I was a fan of these teams with the coolest nickname, logo or colors for about a week.

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