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I figured as a bit of a break from BAFX, I'd revisit a little experiment I tried out back when I used Paint templates. And to be honest, the Stars might be the only team in the NHL that something like this would actually work for. For those who think this is on the extreme end, the first time I posted something like this, I'd put the player name on the spine for the hell of it (though oddly enough, it was otherwise a bit plainer than this). The home/away design, for those of you who were too young to remember a million years ago, is based on the Stars' old DALLAS pants. The alternate is based on the rejected black North Stars jersey that was supposed to debut in the early 80s, which you could once see on NHLUniforms.com (though I don't know if it's still there or not...anyways, the black had white, yellow, lime green and dark green striping, which is where the light green on this jersey comes from). I couldn't decide whether to go with the late 80s North Stars-style pants with the three stars down each leg, or the 90s DALLAS pants, so both were used.

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It's...it's crazy. It's not like it's going to be exceptionally readable. And if the Islanders' orange thirds had people saying the stripes pointed to the crotch, this one certainly won't be exempt from that kind of toilet humor. Horizontal stripe with text, a la Kitchener Rangers third jersey, and you might have something more palatable.

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