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My High School Logo Redesign


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This is pretty much your typical high school redesign. It is for Kemmerer High School. We are the Rangers and our logo is dated to say the very least. I started this project a few months ago and I have "writer's block" of designing. I need some fresh ideas that will hopefully turn this into something that I might take in to the athletic director. It can't be worse than what we have.

I don't even know where to begin but here's essentially what I have. I am going to do the full body eventually, but I started off with just the head of the horse. Click any of these images for the full size

Here's my progression of the horse head. The current one is on the left if that wasn't self explanatory.


Here is the standalone of just my new design. Our colors are red and black.


Like I said, this is just the horse head of the logo. I'd like to master that before I take on the full part. Just to give you an idea of what the full logo looks like now, here is the current with part of my redesign. I don't know how to go about making the cowbooy.



Very Rough Draft:


Ok, so there's what I have done. Please give me any and every piece of criticism you have. Keep in mind that I'm pretty new to this, but I assure you I can handle the harsh comments.

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On both the old and revised versions, the lines defining his nose and mouth are confusing to me. My eye keeps looking at the line right below the nostrils and thinking it is his mouth, which obviously makes the rest of his face look off.

Yeah I understand what you're saying. I am having problems defining the lip and mouth. I also noticed a big mistake I made with the line on the side of the head. In the original it's supposed to be a strap. In mine I have it tapering off into nothing.

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Very nice start here, I think you did an excellent job simplifying and making the logo look less dated. The only two major issues I'm seeing right now is the mane and the muzzle. I don't really think you need the muzzle, it seems as if it's taking away from the design. Unless it's some school history thing where the horse has always had the muzzle or something, it doesn't seem necessary. It's breaking up the rest of the logo IMO. And the mane looks too spiky/patchy (yeah I know, good terminology). When I think of manes, I think of majestic, long flowing locks. :P Try and smooth it out a little and make it flow longer onto the horse's neck/back. I think if you work on those two areas, that would help improve the logo.

Again, very nice start, you're definitely going in the right direction with this.

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You have the mussel (sp?) around the nose, but it doesn't complete around the horse's head, so either finish it or remove it from the logo. Other than that, it's a good start.

This. Without the extension of the muzzle completely through the logo, it makes the horses snout look very odd.

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