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Lil Wayne-Kobe Bryant-Custom Album Cover


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hey everyone,

i have started to design album covers and take a break from hockey jerseys for a bit.

Anyway, there is not a lot of places (i have found yet..) were i can get some good feed back. I thought you guys could tell me what i am doing wrong.

This song is by the rapper Lil Wayne. It is called Kobe Bryant, yep after the baller. It was never on a cd or mixtape so it does not have a cover. I thought it was such a cool name and song i should change that. The first draft was just a word mark based on the laker's logo. I slowly moved forward and still don't know what version is best.

Any thoughts on the best one or what i should change?


PS dont hate, im 15 using paint.net!




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thanks for the feed back. i thought i would post these too.

the first one is called "Take One For The Team"

and the second is called "Stan" by eminem. it was written about a fan who wrote to him. The background is his verse of the song.

any questions lemmie know




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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